What’s in My Hand Luggage (Short Haul)

The excitement of getting your holiday or mini break started is all too often halted by the wait to claim your luggage after your flight, which we all know is a drag. Personally I have had my bags put on a later flight or momentarily lost due to that system so I try to avoid the extra stress and anxiety by only taking hand luggage, with everything in it, somehow.

We always chose to take our smaller cases rather than spending the extra and putting bags in the hold when we fly. Having a little grab and go case also means that the travelling to, from and between the flying is a little less to have to navigate through the various stations and endless amounts of fellow passengers getting in the way.
Sure, if you’re going away for a lengthy period of time, you  may need more items with you, and therefor a bigger case, but so far we’ve found that taking a large class of hand luggage fits the bill and it’s chocks away.

When packing my case, something I always do in order to optimize the space available to me most effectively is plan outfits that I can mix and match with each other. Colour schemes, versatile pieces and not being overly ambitious as to how many times a day I will actually change my outfit.

Packing in smaller amounts doesn’t need to be stressful, just pre planned. When you’re planning your trip, keep a list of the outfits you envision yourself wearing and work around that rather than adding another “just in case”top, and then another and then another.

Here are 5 things I never fly without;

1. Sanitiser/moisturiser
Airports are just not the cleanest of places, if you were to actually take a second to think about how many hands have touched the same escalator handrail as you did before the cleaners (if the cleaners…) get to it, you may do what I did and physically shudder.
Also when you’re in the air, there is of course recycled air circulating that cabin doing your skin no good whatsoever. Moisturiser is a must for me. A couple of brands that I would highly recommend would be Elizabeth Arden, or for a slightly less luxurious brand but still a cream I use and highly recommended, Neutrogena.


2. Book
To travel without a book would be devastating. Such a loss for me. I love books, and find them all such a great escape and an important break from reality for your mind. I’m forever stopping into local bookshops and browsing, then remembering that we have shelves and shelves of books to get through first. Flying is a great time to lose yourself in a different world or time, it’s a chance to switch off and not navigate anything but your own thoughts in the directions of the words on the page.
Currently I’m reading Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, which I’ve been told to read for years now, and I’m thrilled I finally am! If a big old chunk of a book like this is too much for you to sink your teeth into, find yourself some short stories and take a crack at them instead.

3. Headphones
It goes without saying doesn’t it? To take headphones anywhere these days. Even if, like me, you don’t actually use them when you wear them. I have a habit of putting my headphones in whenever I use any kind of public transport simply to stop people trying to start a conversation with me. Strangely, having them in helps me to concentrate on whatever book im reading too. If I’m not reading or admiring the views from the clouds then I’ll have a podcast on to pass the time. Usually, a go to every week, by a blogger you will have come across many many times on this site, Lauryn Evarts with The Him and Her podcast.

4. Boiled sweets/chewing gum
To save that funny altitude pop in your ears when the cabin pressure reaches a certain level, sucking on a boiled sweet from take off, or chewing gum saves this!
The’re usually for sale here there and everywhere, they don’t have to be anything special. I always used to have chewing gum on me, so it was a no brainer, but since having braces, as much as I shouldn’t be having sugar, this is a great excuse for a little treat.

5. Water
Duh. Stay hydrated.Especially when you’re breathing in recycled air and it’s drying you the F out. Water is something that you could be sipping to avoid the ear pop too, but it’s up to you. So many benefits to water, we always have a couple of duty free bottles with us. Just don’t pack your sassy new ultra healthy water bottle that will get taken off you at the security gates, pick some up on the other side before you board.