What Not To Do In 2019

This was going to be named ” How to enjoy the new year without ruining everything” but that seemed a little long-winded, don’t you think?
With everyone writing resolutions for the new year, I thought I’d try and relieve a little of the stress and pressure that comes with the usual resolutions and share a few thoughts I have on what not to do in 2019.

Having had a momentous year previously, there were, as expected, lessons learned and observations to reflected on over the last couple of weeks of the year whilst I was off work and unplugged (for the most part), just being in real life for a while.

1. Don’t beat yourself up if you bounce off your New Years Resolution bandwagon almost as soon as you set out.

2. No laughing or mean remarks at the curvy people out for a run as you drive by them. They’re doing more than you are right now.

3. When you can see that someone is trying their hardest, find a genuineencouragement rather than a sarcastic or thoughtless remark.

4. Stop doing without thinking. It’s causing hurt feelings, car crashes, global warming, and an eco-system that can’t keep up.

5. Fast Fashion. Stop it. Use what you have, pre-loved boutiques, depop, ebay, recycle, up-cycle, resell, gift.

6. Judging one-sided stories and commenting with knowledgeable tone on a topic you’re only educated through snap chat news and re-worded thoughts of peers.

7. Following trends that you don’t agree with, morally, ethically, fashionably, and financially. It’s ok to do your own thing.

8. Don’t burn the candle at both ends for fear of not working hard enough.

9. Don’t lose faith in yourself and your gut feelings. Congratulate yourself throughout the year for getting a little further ahead each day in some way.

10. Try not to put off things that you could do tomorrow when they can be done today. Tomorrow never really comes.

11. No hard feelings to yourself when something doesn’t go to plan. Is anyone hurt? No? Then it’s ok. 

12.  Don’t get caught up in the catty chatter that won’t matter in 5 minutes, and won’t enrich anyone’s life. It’s just not worth the breath.

13. When the chance to gain at someone else’s cost comes around – don’t take it.

14. When the opportunity to respectfully compliment someone,take it!

15. Take away cups – harder to ditch than you’d expect, but please stop.
Carry a Keep Cup.

16. Straws, plastic ice cream pots and spoons, plastic bags for loose veg, packs of canned drinks held together by plastic, short journeys by a car when you could walk, supermarket carrier bags. Please stop using them.

17. Palm oil.

18. When possible (I’m still working on this) try and stop shopping in supermarkets when you could get things at a refill station,green grocer, butcher, or baker. It may cost a little more to start with, but it’ll cost the economy less and when Brexit happens (sorry) these places stockseasonal items locally anyway.

19. Rolling your eyes. Just get on with whatever you’ve been asked to do, or get over whatever’s just been said.

20. Please stop doing for the sake of it. Be thoughtful. Be kind. Be creative. Be nice. Be the person your dog thinks you are.