Tuesday Is The New Monday

So I’m sat here, on Monday morning, with my coconut flat white (I’m not pretentious, this is just the best coffee, ok?) and I’m feeling very aware of how today should be my big day of hustling and starting the week on the right note, but it just doesn’t feel like that is going to be the case today. Anyone else? I’m here to tell you that is ok. Because I’m making Tuesday, or maybe Wednesday, my new Monday. 

“Sunday well spent brings a week of content”

I find that this is mostly true in all that I’ve experienced when I compare my how I spend my weekends, the good ones to the boring ones. I have every other weekend where my boyfriend is at home with me, and needless to say, those Sunday’s are the best spent and the week that follows; the most content. But after weekends like this one, where it’s just been myself at home and it feels like a waste of a day off (I honestly don’t mean to sound spoiled, I do hear myself!!  *Cringe*) my day typically takes the route of a sloth and not a lot happens, there is a lack of productivity, no contentment. Frustration follows and the prep for kickstarting Monday doesn’t keep to the plan.

I’d like to just add in here, that my job is a lot less demanding than it used to be. I am fully aware that this is a luxury that some positions do not allow,  so judge and adjust according to yourself and where you are in your career. I still go home and spend late nights and weekends working on any side projects that I have outside of my 9-5. 

If like me, you like to look at your days and like to see them laid out like this, then you and I are totally on the same page: 

Monday – First day of the working week, hustle and bustle and productivity levels are through the roof. A great outfit, a strong coffee, and a revived drive after the weekend. Think Blair Waldorf when she takes on W after Epperly (if you know, you know.)

Tuesday through to Friday – Work, gym, work, gym, on the grind, always productive. On the go breakfasts and non-stop walking from place to place. We do what we do. 

Saturday – First day of the weekend (I don’t work weekends anymore) 
Still productive, but a little later up in the morning, a good brekkie, ear pods in, music on, housework and personal errands. Maybe get brunch with friends and a mooch around town. Maybe drinks in the evening. Something social or workout based. 

Sunday – Lazy lie in, good coffee and croissants, and no plans or time frames for anything. Maybe a walk, maybe a drive with the top down and maybe a bbq with friends in the eve if the weather holds out. This, my loves, brings contentment. A peace in yourself and satisfaction that everything is good. 

SO. Throw a spanner in the works and miss something, or not follow the routine (I’m big on routine) even when there are no plans, Monday can seem as flat and depressing as decaf.

Here is how and why I am dismissing the plan and pushing my Monday back a couple of days. 

Starting your week on a Tuesday takes away so much pressure that you didn’t even realise you were putting yourself under. Science says that you don’t have to have it all together, although your boss or line manager may say otherwise in which case listen to them. 

Using the original Monday as a practice day makes all the sense in the world. It gives you a chance to get a feel for the week ahead. On Friday, have a glimpse of what is coming in the next week, but use Monday to actually get ready for it. 

It takes the edge of a Sunday evening a little bit by reassuring you that you don’t have to go straight from your comfy jumpsuit, straight into a more formal pantsuit. Don’t by any means let this affect your office dress code, perhaps just relax and don’t worry about having the perfect power outfit if you’re just not feeling it on Monday morning when you’re getting dressed as the sun is still rising. Perhaps your more standard, still professional but slightly comfier than usual outfit is just what the day calls for. There is a new Monday for a power outfit, and it’s going to be better than you could expect! 

If you look at shifting your work days slightly in your mind, you can also almost convince yourself that you are only working a 4 day week. Warming up on the first day back after the weekend but totally nailing it on Tuesday. 
As long as whilst you’re shifting your mindset around to this affect your work ethic, professionalism and productivity don’t shift from the highest of standards that you have already set for yourself then all is good.

Above all, and circling back to my mention of pressure earlier, if you are putting pressure on yourself to have everything ready to go on Monday when actually the weekend just hasn’t allowed you to do this in a relaxed fashion don’t beat yourself up on it. Don’t allow your mental health to take the flack for it. I know exactly how hard it can be to be chirpy as soon as you wake up (I’m not a natural morning person), sometimes you just have to go with it and let Tuesday  be Monday. 

I am in charge of my week. I control how I feel and when I’m ready to put on my Monday face, it may not be the same day as everyone else and that’s fine. It’s not the name of a day in charge and having a hold over me. How I’m meant to feel. As I have said before, the power that we give to words has much more of a substantial meaning maybe even more than we’re aware of when we think we’re switched on to it. But don’t let it have a hold over your week! 

Monday is what you make of it. And great as it would be for our week to fall in place in the same order that I listed above, it’s totally ok when that doesn’t happen and now you know why!