To Be Reckoned With

Did anyone hear about the attack the other day? What about the attempted kidnap? And the poor woman that left behind a family? No, I don’t think that little kid just went for a 4 day walk either.

No specifics but you can all imagine reading about these scenarios much too vividly, can’t you? How awful.

Do you feel safe when you walk home alone after dark? Maybe it’s not even late. Maybe you have little kids depending on you, walking back with you.

What happens if something happens? What do you do?

Krav Maga, an Israeli self preservation system is devised on enhancing your natural reactions and giving you a better chance of getting home. As it is one of the fasted growing forms of self defence for every few tragedies that we read about, a success story is circulating too. Chances are, this is Krav Maga, or at least, a version of.

Translated into English, this contact combat, uses a small selection of multi use techniques and movements to cover a wide range of threats and attacks. Not only does this provide the practical knowledge of what to do in a situation, 4-day been overwhelming. Those suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, insecurity, timidity and introversion have been able to overcome such states of health in a functional, encouraging and productive environment.

A question I regularly ask, when meeting someone new in a KM class is, what do they want to get out of this? And whilst most say it would be “cool to learn”  or for fitness, I am constantly met with the answers, “for my family” or for self confidence. Confidence is something so valuable yet underrated, it’s key. Stop now, wait a moment and ask yourself how different things would be for you if you were confident in an area that you are not already.

The physical improvements go without saying. Whilst the system is not based on fitness, your endurance will go up after a few weeks of regular training. To put such an effective and realistic range of moves out there is not something that can be practiced in a ring. Instead your mind must get to such a state of weariness and exhaustion that the muscle memory picks up and you are able to perform the defence without stopping to over think your actions.

Training with the mindset that your attacker is bigger, better, faster, stronger and that he knows more than you and what you are about to do, leaves you on the back foot and always at a disadvantage, a strange reverse psychology that’s prepares you for the worst every time. There is no exact science, no rules, and no BS when it comes to fighting for your life. You do what you have to. Especially when in all too many cases that we read about, the attacker isn’t someone you would suspect or worry about.

Like the sea, strong, powerful and forever fighting, as are the women that we have trained with so far. When they first arrive and can’t do a push-up, punch, or burpee, they continue to train until they can. Until they are able to with technique, strength and conviction. Those with body conscious insecurities or lack of self belief are encouraged, we will always push to carry on and with in 3 to 4 weeks of a helped mindset, they are the strongest in the class and I am proud to know everyone of them. It goes without saying that this is for men to train also, but with every woman that comes to our classes there is a new wonder experienced as we are able to watch them grow and then around the 3-4 week mark mentioned above, they switch it up a notch and something clicks mentally, it all comes together for them. I feel that it is so important to voice that perspective for any woman worried that she wouldn’t make it through.

We are so fortunate in our lessons to have the men there that we do. All bring something new to the table and all are people we have met through KM but will be friends with over so much more. There is a wonderful mentality that circulates the atmosphere in class when the guys that we have train as gentlemen. They will fight hard, they will use pure strength, they will knock you over, and then help you up. Strengthened through training in physical and mental form, these are the people that you want on your team.

Whilst no one is perfect, and many suffer with the mindsets that I spoke of earlier, it’s been an honor to watch as these men I talk so fondly of, have used training and the friendships and relationships made in these classes to overcome the challenges that they arrived with and have held themselves to in their heads.

Biased of course, to certain teachings, I would and do recommend self-defence training to all men and women. For confidence, security and peace of mind, for real techniques that can guarantee you a fighting chance, please look online to find your nearest Krav Maga establishment.