Tiny Ways To Save The World

We are living on this planet as if we have another one to go to.
– Terry Swearingen, Winner of Goldman Environmental Prize.
(Ps. we don’t)

We are lucky to be living in a day when discussions surrounding sustainability and becoming environmentally friendly is constant. Sadly though, it’s a constant because those that do discuss are awake to the time left that we really have to save the world and want to wake other people up to join the save the world party too!

The past few months, probably since the end of Autumn last year, I’ve been educating myself about the state of the planet, feeling very aware of the amount of waste my lifestyle produces, and I have actively been trying to reduce this. Some of the products that I’ve been sampling are expected items like reusable water bottles and coffee cups, but others have been much more personal such as shampoo bars and more environmentally friendly ladies sanitary products. With that in mind, I do feel that there are lines that don’t need to be crossed. There are things that do not need discussing to anyone outside of your relationship in real life let alone the internet! But, there is also an education in everything and I don’t want to skip something that could help women just because I’m private and a little squeamish. So each to their own, but no hard feelings if you don’t read about the final product at the end of the post!

KeepCup –  
This is not a new invention by any standard, essentially, it’s a trendy flask; but something that I find myself lost without when I leave it at home.
My Keep Cup was a gift from my wonderful friend Belle (GollyGoshB) after I had gone on and on about the snazzy glass tumbler designs and she very kindly treated me to my perfect cup. Here is the >link < to pick up your own.
Keep Cup are also a responsible business with a pledge to give 1% of their revenue to charities and causes that are dedicated to supporting the environment and biodiversity. Last year they also joined the 1% For The Planet movement, an organisation whose companies give back financially to the environment.

Friction Free Shaving
A detail that I love about this product is that the brand Friction Free Shaving shortens to FFS – an attitude so many of us have when it comes to shaving your legs in the shower on a non-hair wash day, am I right ladies?
FFS is the first brand in women’s shaving products that offer more a change of blade for a ridiculous price. This company have cut out plastic in the handle, switching to rose gold or silver metal and making the whole experience feel a little less mandatory and a little more luxury, whilst cutting down dramatically in the amount of razor plastic that we otherwise go through!
With a subscription option, they will send you 4 new heads a month for as little as £9, and an extra gizmo thrown in too, which can be things such as a suction shower hook (and it stays up!) a pouch to keep your razor and heads in if you’re off on an adventure and a clamshell case for the head.
With other items also available such as manuka shaving cream, pre shaving scrub, and a post shaving balm in very subltle but yummy scents, it’s the new must have bathroom accessory.
But that’s not all, this brand is also cruelty free in all it’s products. So whilst you’re cutting down on your plastic consumption, you can also be guilt free about the bunnies!

Use code OOP9OU to get free engraving when you purchase your ffs razor!

Shampoo Bar – Lush
A shampoo bar should probably be a travellers best friend. This dinky, palm of your hand sized bar, packs so much hair care goodness into one product, and I know that next time I travel, this is coming with me.
I am on my second bar now, I wanted to give the first a really good go before I reviewed it, and having gone back to Lush to purchase another, I think that say’s a lot. This solid latherer has left my hair feeling healthy, shiny, and it smells delicious!
For £7.5 (I think) I got approximately 50 hair washes before my bar was tiny and fell apart, as all soap bars eventually do. This is going on the lines of someone needs to wash her hair 3/4 times a week (a lot, I know, but I’m talking pretty long, very thick hair and sweaty workouts every day!) In store they told me I’d get 70-80 washes, but even the 50 or so that I got was very good going, and taking hair types into consideration I think this is fair.
There is a selection of shampoo bars to chose from, some containing conditioner, some for curly hair, sun damage, oily, dry, most types.
Whilst I used this consistently when it came to re-buying, I did pick up a small bottle of regular shampoo too. I’m letting you know this under full disclosure as I wouldn’t want to fib to you. I had blonde dye put through my hair and didn’t want the brassy tones, so picked up a toner, fair enough if you ask me, I still use the solid lather-er most washes but sometimes now my hair needs a change. However, down to the size of the bar, and the ease of packing it, I would highly recommend to backpackers or anyone travelling with limited space, shampoo/conditioner bottles are such an annoyance when you go away!
As ever when shopping at Lush, there is plenty of scents and very little damage to the environment. According to their website >linked here< for you to read yourself, you are reducing your carbon footprint by using this solid bar as 1 full lorry load contains roughly the same amount of washes as 15 lorries of liquid shampoos!

There are no shortcuts when you want to save the world.

The Humble Co.
I very accidentally came across this brand in Boots one day, when I was looking at dental care. I wear a brace on my teeth and as part of the process, I use TeePee brushes when I clean my teeth. I go through a lot of TeePees and although they’re really small (they’re like toothpicks with a brush on one end to get in between the brace brackets) it’s still something that can be swapped out for a more planet-friendly substitute whilst doing just as good a job. I was thrilled when I found them. I mean, I’m not switching my electric toothbrush for a bamboo one, but this really is a tiny way to save the world – not taking the plastic option. However, as I also work for a dental enterprise, I was told that unless you remove the wise and brush from the bamboo handle, it still has to go to landfill in the end and so what is the difference? It’s actually really easy. As I discovered on this site >here< all you need are a pair of pliers.
The Humble Co are a Swedish company who get it. They are proudly producing products in an environmentally sustainable way and socially are socially responsible too. With revenue raised by the purchase of Humble Co products, they are putting this directly to sustainable healthcare projects in areas of the world that otherwise wouldn’t be able to access or afford this basic luxury.

Reusable Water Bottle
Another non-ground breaking product is a reusable water bottle. The one I’m featuring here is a 500ml glass bottle from Oliver Bonas which I have linked for you >here<. I got this one in December and have used it pretty much every day since. I feel so swish when I use it!
By committing to using an RWB (aka reusable water bottle but that’s becoming a mouth-full) you are helping to cut down on the mass amounts of oil used to produce the insane amounts of plastic water bottles that are created every year. We’re talking 7.7 billion bottles in the UK in 2018. The other fact to keep in mind is that as diligent as you may be with your recycling, only 1 in every 5 bottles actually get properly recycled, and it can take 400 years (Forbes) to decompose. Below the images of my snazzy OB waterbottle, I’ve included a small fact sheet with some of the realities of using single-use plastic water bottles.
With so many designs, sizes, accessibility, thermal integrities, and price points, not using an RWB is just ignorant and selfish. We do not live in a time when selfish ignorance is acceptable, so go and save the world, treat yourself to a new RWB that you’re proud of!

Ps. I tried to use my hair dryer to dry inside the bottle for the pictures – it didn’t work.

FYI – this is the post you are welcome to skip.
For those times when Aunt Flow comes to visit…
There are so many accessible brands that are now offering female hygiene solutions which are more environmentally friendly, sustainable, cheaper in the long run, and (don’t freak out) re-usable.
The menstrual cup is a small rubber tulip/funnel shape with a short stem that can be cut to size for comfort. It’s quite daunting really, like tampon extreme I suppose, so if you don’t get on with tampons, this probably isn’t going to float your boat.
Essentially, you fold, insert (fold facing away from you and easier when wet) and then get on with your day. It’s also totally clean and easy to remove and empty; honestly, nothing to worry about. Simply pinch the stem at the bottom, and use your muscles to ease it out, then just tip away, wipe it out or wash if you have sink access and carry on.
I’ve been using mine for about 3 months now and am truly converted. Which I’m sure my mum will be thrilled about because she’s been on my case about switching to a cup since I was about 15. The cup has most definitely eliminated the fear of being caught out when I’m in meetings or the gym and unable to escape to the ladies, as it never leaks, and hold three times as much as a regular tampon.

I said earlier about the Lush Shampoo bar being the backpackers best friend but maybe this is the secret best friend really. Beth Sandland, aka the new backpacking queen, blogged her experience with the M-cup recently and has written everything you could possibly need to know, much more succinct and informative than I have and so I’ve linked her post >here< for those of you that are interested.
In terms of the overwhelming amount of great brands that have released these cups, I got an OrganiCup from Archie Browns but they can be purchased in most supermarkets and even ASOS now, which is great. Don’t be put off by the different choices, from what I can tell – they all do the same thing, but maybe look into what the company does to give back. I can’t recommend a certain brand in particular, this isn’t the type of product that you buy lots of, you shouldn’t need to renew it more than once a year.
Do some research, see what you come up with and give it the benefit of the doubt.

And there we have it. A list with all the products that I have tried, tested and would recommend for tiny ways to save the world. I’d like to continue this series, so am welcoming all and any recommendations, suggestions and questions on living a more earth-friendly lifestyle without being in your face or pretentious about it, because, let’s be honest, there is a lot of that out there. Thank you for sticking around and reading this, it’s a little different from my previous posts but let’s go with it! So make sure you’re subscribed to my mailing list to be updated when the next post goes live soon!