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Time Blocking Badass

Ok, so here’s the skinny on micro-managing myself. This has a real life need for its own post because my mind is busier than a supermarket at closing on a Sunday.

Time blocking saved my life. Flexibility saved my sanity.

I fully believe in making the most of the morning so that by mid afternoon you can count your workload as done and  enjoy the rest of your day. I am a big advocate for free time and enjoying yourself, with a good balance of hustling your ass off. Be the boss babe that everyone knows works super hard, but isn’t so wrapped up in work that you lose yourself.

Time blocking works so that you set yourself an allotted amount of time or a time to have a set task done by, and when you hit that point, you just stop and move onto the next task! The flexibility plays its part so that when something spontaneous pops up, you can go with the flow. You don’t want to get a mindset that fixes you so tightly in place that you forget how to live and do  all the cool stuff that you can do whilst working remotely and without “time boarders”.

Last year, I tried an old school filofax and I thought it was ace. It was bright pink, so that I couldn’t lose it, it had pockets in the back that I collected my receipts in, and had the week spread over the two pages. I thought I was onto something good with this, but apparently, nah. I still have it, but something just wasn’t working for me. My filofax was around the £15 price range, and I got the pink breast cancer research one that puts a percentage back into that charity.

iCal is a Godsend too. IF you have the time to go about correcting the days and times on it. Maybe it’s just me, and my seemingly chunky fingers, but somehow I ALWAYS get muddled on there. It just doesn’t work for me, which is a shame, because iCal is so accessible and you can colour code too which is just fabulous. Hmm, maybe I’ll try that again sometime. The app is free, and is already downloaded on your iPhone and MacBook.

The best thing though? This year, I got my mitts on a “page a day” diary from Paperchase. It’s fairly chunky, but I don’t mind that. It’s dark purple, not my normal go to colour, but it looks smart and still a little playful, and best of all it has masses of space for me to get my day to day lists in! (Already excited to get next year’s one..) My diary was £15.99, but there are a lot on offer at Paperchase, so check them out.

mags and laptops

Ok ok, so I am a little, teeny bit OCD about planning my day. I like to have routine things on one side of the page, and on the other I write my to do list with times next to everything. I try and do this list in chronological order,  and then into priorities.
It’s not the tidiest of books, because I doodle arrows or banners around things that are MUSTS and so on.

I got this great tip from Ingrid Nilson’s video.. she uses post it notes and covers up items on the list so that she doesn’t feel overwhelmed and can do her things one by one. YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

Lauryn Evarts is another winner when it comes to being organised. Infact, she is the queen of it. Her post on calendars and the sort is everything you need in life if you’re a tiny bit obsessed with lists as I am.

I would recommend time blocking an hour on a Sunday eve, and setting out your weekly plans. Micro-manage yourself and get all that shit done that you gotta do! See how much more efficient you feel after a week and get back to me on it.

Wall planners are my next thing, if you want me to get into all the beautiful OCD deets about that, comment and let me know, I’m game if you are..

Have a browse, see what you think, let me know how you get on with any of these tips and tricks!