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The Greatest, Healthy, Banana Milkshake

It’s the easiest, the tastiest, and not necessarily the unhealthiest, it’s the humble banana milkshake. 
I went through a strange phase a couple of years back, craving banana milkshakes.
There are so many different things that you could add to this, which I will list below also, this is my fool proof fluffiest milkshake recipe which I fully believe Nutribullet should sponsor me because of. It’s a firm winner.
Banana Milkshake, Healthy, Oh Ellie, Blog, NutribulletNot ever particularly having been a fan of cows milk, I was substituting and trying out alternative milks at the time too, I settled on oat milk, finding it to be a thicker but not overly creamy or overbearing like some alternative milks can be. Feel free to switch it out for anything else that you’d prefer though. 

Banana Milkshake, Healthy, Oh Ellie, Blog, Nutribullet
Milk (Oat Lyf), clear honey, banana and a nutribullet

METHOD: Using the same sized cup I was planning to fill, I measured the milk about 3/4s full leaving room for the banana mass too. Add the banana, milk and as much honey as you would like to sweeten to your blender and let it do it’s thing until you can see that the liquid is smooth and fluffy.
Banana Milkshake, Healthy, Oh Ellie, Blog, NutribulletI love my nutribullet, as it is clean, efficient and tidy to store. It is also the only type of blender I’ve used and have achieved such light results!

To substitute any ingredients, to suit your dietary requirements, I would (and do) switch out honey, for agave or date syrup.
Milk options you are spoilt for choice these days! I am a fan of Oat Lyf as I said above, but also don’t write off rice, coconut, almond (unsweetened) and even hemp; it’s purely down to your taste preference! The only one I would avoid is soya, too much can do some funky stuff to your body, I’ll leave you to do your own research on that here and here (sorry not sorry..)
Banana Milkshake, Healthy, Oh Ellie, Blog, NutribulletSome other things to add to your shake to guarantee the boys coming to your yard, are chia seeds, rolled oats, and even protein powder. These bring your shake game up to filling breakfast or snack by bulking out the drink.
A cold shot of coffee, for me, also doesn’t go amiss in the mix..
Chia seeds expand upto 10 times their weight as the dry form, they also are high in protein, fibre, calcium, antioxidants, and omega-3s.
Oats, everyone knows are a slow energy release food, good to fill you up in the morning and keep you going until lunch. Whilst some people may think that using instant oats in replacement of rolled is ok, rolled are less processed and will absorb more of the liquid than processed, making them that bit healthier, and filling. Also, go organic.
When it comes to protein powder, again, you’ll need to do your research based on your dietary requirements and price range. Just bare in mind that you’ll be paying for the quality, something worth investing in. You don’t have to go crazy though, somewhere in the £25-£35 price range usually caters well. Amazon will provide list after list of types and brands and you can do your research from there.
Whilst you’re on amazon, don’t forget to bag yourself a nutribullet – thank me later.
If you’re feeling like pushing the boat out, or maybe you have other ‘nanas to use up, head over to my pancake recipe and flip a couple of those beauties out. Mixing the pancake mix in the nutribullet will, again, create lovely light cakes which will be lovely topped with banana, nutella, and a side of shake…
Banana Milkshake, Healthy, Oh Ellie, Blog, Nutribullet