Savoury Pancake Day Options

It’s Pancake Day! Just another reason why february is the best month of the year! 
Rather than do the usual, this time around I thought I’d get a little more creative with our pancake toppings and create some savoury options. 
Now, I know it’s a little late in the day, but the effort I’ve put into this post has just taken a little more time than I expected and will still be perfect for those that didn’t have time this morning but still want pancakes today! Or, for those of you who are as late as I am for these things.
I’ve put together my trusty pancake fool-proof recipe and then 3 different toppings to choose from also. Adapt as you like. 

 Ingredients: Eggs x2, Milk, Self Raising Flour.
I don’t measure anything, we all know the consistency that the batter should be, so just add the ingredients together until that’s right. I find that 2 eggs is normally enough but as they are the ingredient that is holding the cakes together, add 1 more if you feel it need.
I am a fan of the classic thick fluffy pancake, “American style”. To make these is so so easy! When you’re cracking the eggs, seperate the whites and whisk them separately to make them fluffy, If you can get them to “peaking points” then ideal, but my little old hand-whisk and I never quite get there so we just do what we can.

Mix the milk, flour and egg yolks together until it’s smooth, and then fold the whites into the batter gently, being careful to keep the air in there too.
Get your pan as hot as you can before you start to fry them, and if you have a nonstick ceramic pan you’ll probably find you don’t need any oil to base.
Cook the first side until there are bubbles on top and you can gently get your spatula underneath without sticking, the flip!
You should find that if your egg whites were whisked enough the pancakes will rise quite a lot!


Salmon and Cream Cheese
In my humble opinion, this is my favourite savoury topping. Beautifully simple. 

Ingredients: Smoked Salmon, Philadelphia Light Cream Cheese (or push the boat out and go full fat!) Spring Onion and Lemon. Maybe capers too, but I forgot.
It really is as simple as it looks, add the cream cheese followed by salmon then top with spring onion, a crack of black pepper and a squeeze of lemon! DE-LISH.

Guac and Salsa Verde 
Basically I was thinking nachos but pancakes.
Ingredients: Homemade Guacamole and Salsa Verde & Cream Cheese
Have a look on this link to see how to make the guac and salsa
There is no method. It’s put toppings on pancake. Eat, enjoy, you’re welcome. What a fab combo though, something so refreshing, filling and not unhealthy!
The cream cheese was a last minute addition because I felt the toppings needed something to stick to, but that’s up to your preferences entirely. Also, to make this more of an evening meal, if you have the time you could make a dish of chili and use on the pancake and under these toppings.. I think I may do that actually.. 

Spinach, Ricotta, Sundried Tomatoes and Black Olives.
For the people that are actually making the effort.

Ingredients: Spinach, Ricotta Cheese, Butter, Sundried Toms, Black Olives, Black Pepper.
This requires a little more effort and it’s only through the afterthought. I originally just mixed the spinach and ricotta together. But thinking it through, I’d have liked to have heated it up and mixed the ricotta with a little butter to make it creamier. Upto you.
When they are well mixed, add to the pancake and top with sundried toms, black olives and a good few cracks of black pepper. A great one for the evening!
I hope these give you some inspiration!! I’ve LOVED putting this all together for you. What are your favourite toppings?