Reviving the Reliable

Let’s discuss revival. Revival is thrilling! It’s something to look forward to; it’s about old and new coming together and being again. When I think revival, somehow the first thing that comes to mind is some type of protest, it’s about lively young people joining in masses to bring change, and they’re often enough, stereotyped in my mind to being hipsters in their parents clothes that they have “revived” and made fashionable again. If you’re into that style, anyway. For me when it comes to my mum’s old clothes, and I know she won’t mind me saying this; I would only wear something of hers if it didn’t look like her old clothes. But, each to their own. Revival is personal sometimes.
This time around discussing fashion with you all, which is something I have touched on before but hastily taken down, I want to talk to you about reviving the reliable!
I don’t talk about fashion all that much, if ever on here! But that’s not to say I don’t adore it. I thoroughly enjoy style and pulling pieces together to make them work for me. The hardest thing I struggle with, and the main reason I don’t write about it, is that I just can’t afford to buy all the pieces that I wish I could! How many of us can? I’m not hard done by; I don’t have holes in my clothes and still have to wear them (apart from that one pair of jeans that I fell and ripped at work and haven’t replaced yet…) I just don’t have the means to shop as much as some people do, and hey, I’m not complaining!

So what I’d like to get out of this season is a post here and there about my favourite Autumn/Winter styles as the fashion and styling at this time of year just makes my heart as happy as mulled wine. But to make the most out of this and to provide you with some content that has a little value too, I want to bring to you a series on “Reviving the Reliable”!
Bringing back your classic, trendy, already-in-your-wardrobe, pieces that can be overlooked but easily made new again in a big way. Last years favourite dress, the roll neck top you got in the sale a few years back, all done up with a key affordable or statement piece that you actually can still find in the shops these days. I said I don’t shop often, that doesn’t go to say that I don’t at all.

First piece first, the SUNDAY BRUNCH outfit. (One of many to be fair.)

If you ask me, the key to any good looking outfit is to think Parisian about it. Not to say dress like a classic French madam, or don stripes as often as you can, but rather have 3 colour blocks, keep it simple and then add a dash of character.

Here is a classic go to for me.

Black jeans (Topshop always and forever, £42), White Top (New Look sale, £5), Denim Jacket (Topshop last season, £30), Leopard print pumps (Accessories last summer,£30)

Bag (Accessories, 4 years ago, £24)

It pays to invest in a couple of pieces that will be a trusty staple. Of course you can find black jeans for less that £40 but how well will they wash or stretch? My leopard print babies have been such a constant in my wardrobe that you will see them over and over, truth is, these are my second pair of exactly the same shoes, I love them that much. The revival here is a simple outfit that you can’t go wrong with, brough back to life with a print shoe. Easy. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my show and tell fashion edit, and hopefully gleamed a little inspiration for bringing life into your look without spending out too much to get there.