When You Can…Save.

This is here as a lesson I’m learning, as advice I’d like to pass on, and as a piece I can come back to and read over when I forget the reasons why I have to keep telling myself; when I can, I must save. Save it all, the time, the money, the emotions.

It’s just one of those things really, isn’t it? Christmas still not quite paid off, January sales, and the upcoming new season which all women know equals a new wardrobe- damnit! With such a lot of choice, we can spend so easily. But, now my love, is the time to be saving. It’s pretty much the same as my diet saying “eat well at home, so that you don’t have to when you’re out”. The same goes for saving, “save in the winter, spend in the summer”. Which, I’ve come to notice I actually spend less in the summer, probably because I’m happier in the summer, which takes me to my next subject…spending to fill a void.

Retail therapy is a real thing, my friends. We do it without even meaning to. When the January blues hit us and leave us feeling low and well, blue, those little red reduction stickers in the shop windows suddenly look much more cheery than cheapskate. Now I hate to burst the bubble, rain on the parade and stomp on the flowers but it’s those little things that add up. Save the pennies, and the pounds will take care of themselves. And anyway, buy cheap, buy twice.

With my incomings, I am doing my best to work on a 10% plan, where I put 10% into savings and 10% into a charity or some form of giving. Because, karma. 10% may not seem like all that much, but don’t do what I used to do and think “Oh, I can afford to put 40% into savings!” because life doesn’t always work that way and before you know it, you’ll be disillusioned and you won’t keep up the practise.

Something I am going to do is move my money into a savings account bit by bit every time I see something that I’m tempted to buy. Be it coffee, a new top, or my second or third snack of the day, bit by bit those monies will start to add up and be safely saved rather than quickly spent on 10 minutes of enjoyment in a hot drink or a top that wasn’t even a must have.
If you don’t have mobile banking to do this with quickly, I would suggest taking out a weekly or monthly allowance for yourself and just not spending it when you get that urge to. Then at the end of the week or month, bank it. Or set up mobile banking because that’s just so helpful.

I know I have a couple of younger readers on here too, and if you are one of those, maybe without banking set up, just remember that you are the lucky ones. You may not feel it, and you may think you need to get a job, and have money, but all of that will come with time and so will taxes and overheads. Don’t wish it away, just save and enjoy.

Don’t you feel better knowing that there is money in the bank? Doesn’t it feel good when you haven’t spend out on snacks, which means not only have you saved but you don’t feel bloated or heavy? It’s a win win, baby!

So, this was just a little food for thought, and like I said; something for me to come back to and remind myself of too.