Mindful Spending at Christmas | Gift Guide

Christmas is fast approaching and pay day… is not. Well it is, but does it count? In and out in a week it feels! But why? To spend and spend and spend on things for others, are you doing it to show that you can? Or maybe even to make yourself feel good and gain the gratitude you feel you need. But what if we spent less, thought more, and spent time rather than money on putting together a gift for someone special that will let them know you really care about them. 

I’ve put together a little list (because we all know how much I love a list) of a few special little independent, or smaller shops that may spark your creativity for a more thoughtful gift.  These shops are in various different areas, but if you can’t get to them all they’ll either be online or have something similar near you, I’m sure.

Jewlery – Salt & Silver

A beautiful brand, built by a small family with a love for the sea and each other, creative gorgeous, bespoke pieces which make perfect gifts. Their blog is linked in the image, so go across and have a read. 

Books – Edge of the World Bookshop & Falmouth Bookseller
Two book stores close to my home.

Edge of the World was owned by clients of my dad who used to swap hair cuts (when he had a salon) for books because I would just fly through any book that came out of there, mainly adventure or spy books at the time.
And The Falmouth Bookseller
Another beautifully independant book shop with a welcoming presence that makes you want to spend all of your time browsing and taking in the magic that accompanies a good book. Maybe that’s why the good ones make such great gifts?
I’m aware that whilst you’re reading this, you may not be as local to these shops as I am, but I’m sure you have your own quirky bookshop that you can find something special in near you too.

Clothes – JAM Industries.
I mean, who doesn’t love a cosy, well made,  knitwear, of good quality and an “in” brand? JAM are a family run company, again, who’s priorities run high in family values and making good things better. With a selection of clothing and accessories on their online store, you’ll be spoiled for choice with what to buy someone as a special gift.

The Anything Else – ETSY
Etsy is a wonderful world of individual shops and creators that come together on the forum to present and sell you their works. You can get anything on etsy, from £5 – £500 easily, and ranging from these gorgeous notebooks that would make the sweetest stocking fillers to personalised framed prints and handmade sofa throws. You never know what you might find, and you really have to think about the person you’re buying for whilst you’re at it.

I hope this little list, although only a few shops, but covering good gift subjects, will help you think about each gift you give this holiday season and may even help you save a little because you wont be buying for the sake of buying! Shopping small is a great way to shows someone you care and really thought about them, but also what a great way to give back to our community but supporting small businesses!