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IWD | Emma Bates

Emma Bates is maybe not a woman you’ve heard all that much about in mainstream media, and that’s simply because she’s not a mainstream woman. 

In her own words, she describes herself as “obsessed with her job, an over eater and avid Barry’s Bootcamp-er”Emma Bates with Away Luggage on Oh Ellie For IWD 2018Living between New York and her home city of London, at 24 Emma is creating ripples in society that one can only dream will land her in a brighter stoplight to showcase the talent she possesses in her field of bettering the world with her female forward thinking and aesthetically pleasing approach.

At the helm of global marketing and operations at AWAY, a luggage brand that holds itself to the tagline of “First Class Luggage at Coach Price”, she has a lifestyle balance of management and travel. Following her on Instagram by the handle @emmashbates, she gives insights of her home life, in London – her cats make a little appearance from time to time as I have to say, I live for those moments, and her work life as much as you could hope that a work obsessed woman would, and honestly, I can’t get enough, I think I’m obsessed with her job! 
Of course there is the behind the scenes that we can’t be expecting to see, but for the most part, her work life looks to be a mix of her smart and witty comments, great lighting and foodie meetings. Whilst most unsurprisingly, her travels (all packed up with AWAY of course) are as exotic and beautiful as you’d expect from this beautiful and world wise 24 year old.
https://www.awaytravel.com/Wracking up her frequent flyer points in places such as South Africa, Ibiza, The Bahamas, and other bucket list destinations as well as living in between the two biggest hustle driven cities in the world, LDN and NYC, it goes without saying that from building a blog, a place to collate her holiday snaps whilst she was in Uni (undergoing a diploma in War Studies at King’s College) Emma Bates is a go getter, goal setter, and role model for women looking to go further and create the world that they want to be living in.

Her role in the Un-Idle Collective as co-founder came about when Arden Rose, Scar Curtis, and she, clubbed together and decided that enough was enough and that feeling helpless was something they no longer wanted to experience. Living in America, a country as strong and proud as these women are in themselves, going through the comotion of politics and protests, the three have created a place to meet every 5 weeks, and discuss topics including Women of Colour, the Refugee Crisis, Politics and so much more that’ll really get you thinking in an equal and safe place.Emma Bates, International Womens Day, Oh ellie, Yolke GirlHaving read as much as I could find about Emma online, I found her to be so motivating to me personally, having followed her for a number of years during her relationship with Finn Harries (ladies, if you followed her before AWAY also – didn’t we all find this beaut through the Harries twins!?) I have thoroughly enjoyed and felt constantly inspired by the values and work ethic that she holds to. 
From consulting for start up companies in the tech business all the way across to fashion, Emma says that she can now recognise the importance of building a bran’s community and how priceless feedback from clients and customers really is. 
With dreams to one day begin her own business and basically take of the world in the name of being a girl boss, Emma Bates is woman to be reckoned with and to someone I will continue to look to for inspiration in my working life and personal style. Sharing her love of travel and kittens, I’d like to think if ever I got the chance to meet Emma in real life, that we’d be friends.

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