Irony and Ellie

Oh Ellie.

You see, the blog has it’s title because it’s something that either I say, or something that is said to me, a lot a lot.

“Oh Ellie” can be said in every tone, try it…

So, isn’t it ironic that I don’t blog for 2 weeks after writing a piece about time blocking and organising my time to be the most efficient possible. Sorry guys.

Here is the situ..
About 3 weeks ago, it may have even been after writing the last post, I got a call saying that I had a space on a course in London, City of Westminster College, beginning in a week. In set the frantic panic as I tried to get myself ready for London life. I needed to get myself suited and booted, accommodation sussed, and budget my food shops and supplies for the next month, as well as getting savvy to the ways of the city (not a fun thing when you have social anxiety).

Holy crap was I unprepared.

I’m now two weeks into the sleep deprived, stressed, and emotional routine, realising that it’s not a routine that I am happy to be living in. London doesn’t make me happy, in fact I feel like I’ve let it steal my qualities. Suddenly I have no structure to my time, diet (or appetite), I’m not half as upbeat as normal, I stress over everything and I swear like a sailor. SOME ONE STOP ME!
This isn’t to say it’s all bad, I’m lucky to have the chance I do to pick up such a qualification and my course mates are pretty cool too. You won’t hear me complain or make excuses for myself. What do I have to complain about? I have to lug files and bags around everywhere? There are people out there carrying bricks on their heads. I have to wear a suit everyday? Well thank God I have clothes to wear! Working and doing coursework from 5:30-2ish(am)? People do this all the time.  I really have nothing to complain about.
Currently I am staying in a hostel in the W2 area, a really nice part of london, I’ve lucked out there! I’ve not stayed in hostels before and to say that I was dubious would be an understatement. However, I’m aware of how much worse I could have it. This hostel is lovely. It’s clean, and safe, has a small kitchen facility, and lounge area that I can study in. The dorms range from 22 bed to 4 and admittedly, I’m always relieved when I bag myself a 4!

That a little of what I’ve been doing.

On a happier note, I headed away from the city this weekend to spend sometime catching my breath with people that mean the most to me. I can’t put into words the relief that I felt. My mind untangled, my body relaxed and my heart breathed a sigh of relief.
We underestimate the effect of the people around us, the effect of bare feet in the sand, and the effect of knowingly allowing yourself to live life happily even for a brief 2 days.
We overestimate the amount we can take on,  and that is a dangerous path. (I say this, fully aware that this is my 2nd all night study session in a week.. but needs and musts.)

I know this isn’t my normal post, but It’s been a while, it’s 5am, and I thought I would catch you up.

What would you like me to write about next? Any tips for hostel/London life?