That’s right. I actually like myself. And going into the new year and decade, I will continue to like myself. Sure, there are things that will change and parts of my being that will evolve, adapt, develop, all physically, mentally and emotionally, but at the end of the day when I go to bed, I will be sure that I still like myself.

Now that we’ve established that, I feel I’m off to a better start than any previous year despite the slight anxiety I’ve been feeling beginning the 20’s in my 20’s with little to no plan which is very un-Ellie. I’m a planner and a do-er, I can go with the flow so long as I have a checkpoint or two in mind for the journey, this way I feel more confident that I can make the most out of the experience.

I feel it’s important to decide on the fact we can like ourselves and understand that we can do this and still want to adapt pieces of being and/or lifestyles at the same time. It’s taken all of my adult life to decide that I am proud to be the person I am, and that’s not to be taken in an egotistical or conceited way at all. Those that know me will understand how hard it would actually be for me to say these words out loud but having spent the weekend entirely by myself I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on any resolutions or changes I would like to set for myself going into this new year. Sat here at the kitchen table on Sunday evening I can confirm, that actually, I like my life a whole lot. There are values that I’d like to add to my life this year, and these are the words I’d like to uphold rather than changes I feel I need to make.

As mentioned above, I like to make the most of opportunities. Be it multi-tasking, or planning ahead, let’s waste less time and opportunity this year and be efficient in all we set out to do.

In everything you do and to everyone you encounter. Kindness costs nothing and can mean so much, we all need a little more of it.

Why wouldn’t you be honest in everything you do? Including your lifestyle. If you can’t give people your word and have them trust that, what have you got? Be honest, it’s always worth it.

A value I believe is important to have but is also one I need to work on. This will be my challenge for 2020, to be more consistent in my actions. From writing regular blogs, to following through on things I say I’ll do and continuing to uphold my own authenticity.

What values do you hold dear? Are you a word/theme for the year or a resolution setter?

This year offers such a lot of opportunity for those of us that are open to see it, and I hope that through these new doors you gain a new perspective of yourself too. My new years wish for you is to take the time you need to learn about yourself and to hopefully be able to work on the things you’d like to change in order to finish the year liking yourself. Maybe it’s just as I grow up and care less about others and their thoughts, but to go to bed each night happy with myself, seems to be the key to a good night’s sleep. What a trip to go on, what a destination to arrive at. Happy New Year to all.