Hit ’em Where It Hurts – Literally.

Disclaimer: This is not to be practised for ego or amusement. Outcomes can be fatal, and the advice given is for when circumstances call for it. Should you wish to practice the techniques below, please look here.

Following the responses that I received after posting my blog on self-defence called “How To Not Die When Walking Home Alone” I decided to carry on and bring you a mini series with ways to look out for yourself should you be in a compromising position. 
Today, we’re getting specific, quite detailed, and with no messing around. Let’s put some words down where it really hurts. Starting with the balls. 

Everyone, from your sister to your grandma to your best friend’s mister knows that if you want to cause pain, kick ’em in the balls. Yes. Do this. 

Simple and effective. Now that that is out of the way let me list for you some other places to aim for and why we do this. 

Think the centre line. Down the centre line of everybody’s body is a soft place to aim for, causing pain and buying you time as discussed in my previous self defence post – I will refer to a lot of the same things, but only because real self defence is simple and these are important things to know.

Starting from the top, we have a (sometimes) lovely face to aim for. 
The eyes and nose can’t take much pressure as I’m sure you can imagine, so causing pain to them is a point to you and nil to your attacker. 

Eyes are easy to gouge with your thumbs, scratch with your nails, poke with your fingers, have fun – get creative!
The Nose is surprisingly sensitive also, especially when you hit it with a palm heel strike (roll the tops of your fingers down, and open your palm, then strike with the bottom, firmest part of it). To get the most out of this move, and really go for it, throw your shoulders in towards them and use the momentum to carry strength through your hips, your shoulder, your arm straight out, into the heel of your palm and smack bang into their nose. Extra points if you land it on the septum sending their head backwards in the process.
The Throat is the place to aim if you’re using a web strike. A web strike is an open handed move with your fingers together and your thumb sticking out.  Making your hand look like the V on the end of a snake’s tongue, kind of. Just as quickly as a snake’s tongue, you want to jab your hand into the throat causing a myriad of things to happen… Firstly, this causes pain, which as you know will buy you time. This is a move that can eventually asphyxiate (suffocate) your attacker but may not actually stop him as asphyxiation can take up to 15 minutes by the trachea swelling due to impact. 
The stomach is up to you if you’d like to spend time hitting. It will never be a nice thing to take a punch in the guts, but when you have much more effective places to go for I would advise you spend your time working on them. 
And back to the balls. I don’t think I’ve ever said balls as much as I seem to be right now and I’m beginning to get a kick out of it myself! Ha!
There is a variety of ways to cause pain here, and so long as you do, there is no wrong way of doing this but let me just point out that the quicker you are (say it with me) ♪ the more time you buy! ♪
A straight leg kick to the groin, as fast as you can, is a good thing to have under your belt (excuse the pun). If you’re not stood with your feet neutrally next to each other, use the front foot which may not feel as powerful but it’s quicker and so your attacker won’t have as much time to defend against it.

So there we go. Centre line, soft spots, whatever is easier for you to remember. There is a lot more that can be added to this, but that’s a whole other blog post.
 As ever, I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback and also any other suggestions you may have. Stay safe. x