The Funemployment Follow Up

Earlier in the year, I wrote about my struggle with finding employment in Cornwall. 
Maybe you’ve already read the post, it’s called Funemployment and the battle of the Job Application. It’s a good place to start if you haven’t already had a look. 
Although it didn’t feel like the regular type of piece that I write usually, I was finding it a struggle to get anywhere and by releasing the tension through my words and a few frustrated tears, I got to the place I needed to arrive at.

Because that piece was really quite important to me I feel that a follow-up piece would be just as important.
Make no mistake, the time without work was not hard going, I had some savings and I needed time off for my body to readjust to the way life should be (everything that is not being sleep deprived, stressed, anxious et cetera) in fact, we felt like we were on a 3 month holiday and by no means is anything written about that time off as a sob story. It’s just that the truth of the matter, is that finding non-seasonal work in Cornwall is a challenge.

It’s said more and more often, that unfortunately, most work comes through being in the right place at the right time and who you know not what you know. The issue I was having was that no matter how much summon-the-help-of-the-universe vibe that I was putting out there, I was still going around in circles and that law of attraction was not attracted to me. It was a very one-sided affair. But, It’s true. Word of mouth. Who you know. Who knows someone that you know. Connections. Social media. And then BANG. Facebook, of all things, heard my prayers (well, cries, but details).

After posting the Funemployment piece on the social platform page (that you have hit ‘like’ on, haven’t you?) It made the rounds across the site via shares until it reached a Godsend of a lady that got straight in touch and told me about her company that was hiring at the time.


No waiting. No time to think. Or get nervous and talk myself out of it.
I had a shot, and I took it.

I then didn’t get it. The position was admin based, and for whatever reasons I hadn’t made the cut… I’d prepared myself so much for this and really built myself into believing that this would work out for me.
You know the scene in the movies, or a music video, with a montage of all the let downs, and failures, and then it changes. The beat in the music, the lighting, the vibe around the character all gets a little more upbeat and you know it’s all going to work out.
That’s where I was. You can imagine how crushed I was after the phone call.

Never mind, back to the drawing board.

A couple of weeks and a few hundred more CVs later, and I had a phone call from the other lady that interviewed me out of the two from the meeting a couple of weeks previously. She’d met me, heard what I had to say, what I could offer, and wanted me to come in for another meeting.
WELL. I was already beach bound (which is a great place to be headed on a sunny Monday) and having a great day, this tipped me over the edge with excitement.

Needless to say, one meeting led to a job offer I am now 3 months into a full time position in an Employee Owned Company, a very interesting development in the corporate world. I have the role of Project Support, and as you will have seen if you read my post in the Halfway Review, I have a very good thing going for me!

As I said at the end of the funemployment post, these things take time.  I was knocked down in that first interview, and I got up, and they called me back. You have to just keep on keeping on, and you just never know what will come from that.