Firm But Fair

“Take care of your staff and they will take care of your company”

Recently work has put me in position where I have had to learn about taking more control and stepping up as an authoritative figure. This has been a learning curve for me, because although I can handle confrontation fairly well, when you’re 20 years old and just about 5.5″ in height, not everyone takes you seriously. This calls for a lot of stern talking and putting people in  their places. Now, I’d like to think that I show respect to my elders, but there is also a point where at the right time and place, they must respect you too. In the past two weeks I have worked my little butt off, not only to do my job, but also to keep and improve the reputation of this company. The tricky bit with this is that some people that have spent a long time working one way have become quiet lenient in their work and their standards have slipped in their familiarity to it. For me to come in and rock the boat, I haven’t been warmly welcomed by all. I’m not losing sleep over this. If not everyone likes me, their loss, right? We’ve had quite the turn over in the past couple of weeks, but out with the old and in with the new has also earned us a new level of admiration from other firms that are seeing the differences. I am comfortable enough in my position to know that if the big bosses didn’t think I was able to handle the position, they wouldn’t have put me here. The way I’ve gone about things, is with a firm but fair mind set. I understand that people are used to things being one way, and so I’ve said how it’ll be now, given a warning, and then acted on my word if said people carry on as before. There is no need for me to be a bitchy boss, but to be respected I have laid it as it will be and led by example.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” —John Maxwell

How awful it would be if the good reputation that we have was crushed whilst I was in  charge? I’m not having that happen. I am proud of where I am now, and also of the people I have working with me. Going the extra mile has earned us the extra brownie points. My team are noticed for their professionalism, their work ethic, their smart attire and “will do” attitude. Good work, boys!
As well as having a team that only know me through work, I also have a couple of friends in there too. This has been another challenge. My friends are a mixed bag. Separating personal life and business hasn’t been the simplest. If ever you find yourself in this position also, here is what I would recommend you do when talking to them.
Let’s say that there is something going on that as a supervisor you can’t allow, at all. But as a friend, you understand their reasons. All you have to do, is say it as it is, but title it. For instance, a couple of times this week, I’ve had to say “look, as your friend, I get it. And I understand why, so maybe try doing things like this instead..” followed by, “as your supervisor, I can’t allow this and so I’m telling you now, this has to stop.” Or the other way around, whatever. The point is, they will respect that you are in a tough situation and that you don’t want to see them fail, after that the chances are, they will take on board the advice and chance you are giving them and they won’t put you in that position again.

The one thing that you don’t compromise on, is your word. Don’t think that people will like you because they think they can sway your decision. What you say, goes. Be firm! But be fair. Give people a chance, but don’t let them think you won’t let them go either…

Like I said, you don’t have to be a boss bitch, you can be a boss babe, just make sure they never know which you are one day to the next.. Keep people on their toes, keep them wanting to work with you, if they don’t is it even a loss?
What are your thoughts on this? What kind of boss do you want to be known as? Comment below, I’d love to know.
Thanks for reading,