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Finding Structure in a Freelance World

In a world where the dream job isn’t a job, but more a successful career in freelancing something or other, it all boils down to one thing. Self management. 
This is something that for me, I must really cut back all distractions, find my focus and dedicate set time to commit to whatever it is that I have to produce from my work. Having taken myself out of a position where I had someone else tell me what to do and what time to do it, learning about dedication to a job is interesting, and exciting. If I don’t deliver, no one else will. If I don’t make this work for me, no one else is going to swoop in and save me. 
These are some of the people I look at and who’s aesthetic inspire the way I would like to live and create my content.


Lauryn Evarts

Blogger, Freelance BossbabeQueen of all bloggers, someone I came across when I was about 15 or 16 and she had released her booked based from the blog. The book became my bible. You can order it here on amazon, you’ll love that you did. I need a new copy because mine is so worn and sunbleached from always being in my sunny window spot growing up. 
Lauren’s blog is the gold standard that I believe every  blogger wishes to reach. Having grafted for years to create a platform on which a sisterhood has been created, Lauryn covers every topic you can imagine. She has a wealth of knowledge about everything she writes about and if something comes up that she discusses but doesn’t know ever in and out, she brings in the experts to interview on either the blog itself or her podcast that she co-hosts with her husband Michael Bosstick. Blogger, Freelance BossbabeFor me, the most inspiring aspect of Lauryn’s digital empire is her dedication to bring the quality of her words along with the quantity. The hard work that she puts in, really pays off. The LA lifestyle that she lives, motivates me to set up my aesthetic work space into a place that I enjoy being in and working from. She has a no nonsense attitude and after following her for 7 or 8 years, I feel like I can’t let her down by slacking!

Victoria McGrath

Blogger, Freelance BossbabeWhat a powerhouse. Her drive, dedication and journey to excel in her creative work has made her a woman to watch and follow. Within her blog, in the frow, you will find only topics that she is passionate about. Including a category labelled “advice” something which, whilst the rest of us can offer opinions and “how to’s”  she offers genuine thought out reasoning, showing her humanity and love for the greater good achievable in all of us.Blogger, Freelance BossbabeI find Victorias style, taste and desire to show brilliance a range of qualities that I hope my own blog can attribute also. Reading through her words, I feel inspired to be better, to organise my blog into a kinder place to be whilst wearing 6″ heels and slaying with style.

Cara Alwill Leyba
Blogger, Freelance Bossbabe
Cara’s self made, business minded, life coaching lifestyle has me going through note book after note book with notes, memos and quotes that come to mind whenever I read her work. With multiple books out, a thriving blog, and podcast, to name a few of her achievements, you can pick any one and find yourself immersed in some of the most inspirational words and work ethics. Featuring so many other incredible boss babes, she empowers other women on her platforms. 

From all of her work, I am filled with creativity to spread the words that will raise other women up, and to make my blog that began as a hobby, somewhere to put my thoughts on paper, into a business platform.

Poppy Deyes

Poppy Deyes, Blogger and Fine Arts Freelance Bossbabe A blogger and fine arts graduate that I first came across a couple of years back after watching her cameo in a couple of vlogs filmed and published by some of her reigning king and queen youtube family; Zoella, Pointless Blog, and her boyfriend, Sean.Poppy Deyes, Blogger and Fine Arts Freelance BossbabePoppy’s lifestyle shows minimal but choice decor, healthy kitchen creations, and her eye for detail, be it in fashion, jewellery, or her photography. Reading through her articles, she has a chatty and “type the way you talk” way with words. This makes her more personable and readable. I find myself looking for her in the videos posted by those linked above because she’s someone I want to know more about. You may remember that she also made her way into another post I wrote before Christmas which you can find here.

Her posts themselves are usually shorter and based on one or two detail pieces, recipes or something that she’s done that week. Rather in keeping with her fine art degree, her topics are also refined.
From Poppy’s blog, I aspire to create more beautiful, and relatable content. Her specific posts remind me that simple but significant is the same as quality over quantity, and sometimes the images can speak for themselves. 

Blogger, Freelance Bossbabe

 Reading from these women, selecting the values that their sites supply, and visualizing the way that they spend their days working to do what they do, clears the fog from my own mind. I find that my days are more structured when I set a routine, starting from the moment I wake up, until I’ve crossed everything off of my to-do list that day.
For me, this tends to look like this:

Wake up whenever I do, I have the luxury of resting properly now, so whilst I try and get a solid night’s sleep, I can still chose to lie in if I don’t feel rested. If this goes on too long though, as starts cutting into my day, I know I need to reassess my sleeping pattern.
Drink a pint of water, shower, get myself ready for the day.
I usually head into town for a couple of reasons, this gets my step count up for the day, I use my FitBit Alta HR to track my daily progress.
And also, by sitting in a coffee shop, I find that I focus and work harder. Being at home all for business and my personal time can interfere each with the other, but by being in an environment often used by freelancers or other business people that are trying to concentrate on their work, helps me get mine done too (basically, I need to look busy, so I get busy.)

If you chose to leave the world of the employed, be sure you can dedicate yourself as is needed to succeed in your new world of being your own boss. This could mean working much later than the 9-5 you’re used to. I worked so hard in the first few months of building my site that I went from 20-20 vision to needing glasses, working through the nights and teaching myself everything I needed to know to get to where I am now. And I’m still going. I know what I need to be producing, and what it’s going to take to get there. The question for me was, am I prepared to put in the effort, the late nights, the brain storming, expenses, the costs before profit, the unsociable hours and forfeiting other things to get started, or not? Because if you’re not, you probably need to sit down and re-think. Sadly, it’s not all, write when you want about anything you want and get rich quick. Maybe get yourself working for a small company to learn the ins and outs first, before starting out on your own.
One last note to leave you on, something that for a long time I didn’t understand, is that bloggers, can also be managed. Gleam Futures, for instance, is the managing company of Poppy Deyes and Victoria McGrath, and they just guide the and over see, but leave full control to the ladies themselves. I’m still learning about this, but if you were interested if that was thing, it is.
Blogger, Freelance Bossbabe
More blog and business world bits and pieces will be up soon, I hope you’ve found some value in this, and all the best to you if the freelancing world is about to meet you.