Benicassim & Calpe

The thing about writing is sometimes you have to just start. I love to write, but I also love to linger in my memories. But it’s time now for my two loves to meet in the middle again and for me to tell you my holiday memories from being in Spain this July. Let’s break this down into two parts, because that’s the only way to do this..

Having never been a festival goer until last year (and I worked at everyone I attended) I followed recommendations and went to FiB festival in Benicassim, Spain, for a week of partying sans English summer rain! Unsurprisingly, the constant sunshine made the festival experience something I could easily find myself wanting more of, and quickly at that! As well as FiB (Festival Internacional de Benicassim) being the first overseas festival that I’ve drunk too much gin at, it was also the first time I’ve been away in a big ol’ group too! 6 couples including us meant we were in for a hell of a fun time. Other than a holiday with my friends family at 13 I’d only heard stories of how much more fun it is going away with friends and I’m slightly ashamed at how I haven’t been away like that before!

FiB was set up in a way that we were able to pre book our tents and still all camp together under the banner of “Glamping” which, if you’ve glamped or looked at glamping before, you mustn’t hold that in comparison to this as this is more “bare basics and you’ll love it anyway” kind of thing. You arrive to your tent and are handed a padlock and lantern. With access to glampers showers, we were the lucky ones. The coldest and most refreshing of all showers, we joked that we were back in Nepal!

The days weren’t planned, no one expected anything of anyone and everyone being coupled up meant that no one got left behind or felt like a tag-a-long. Waking up when the tents got to hot after a night jumping and dancing to great bands and running straight for a cold shower. Throwing on a bikini and summer dress, walking into town for a salad and cortado, followed by watermelon and too much sun on the beach; what a great way to spend the days.

Whilst still relaxed, the nights were a little more gin fuelled and energetic. Last year at Reading festival we were pretty lucky to see Foals and The Red Hot Chili Peppers after our shifts, this year we not only saw them again but we got closer, and we able to party harder! Something that I really enjoyed and has stuck out to me as a favourite moment was after The Chilis set, James and I took ourselves off, got burgers and sat and people watched together. Grabbing a slice of the evening madness just to enjoy being there together.

Festivals are events that I’ve always avoided in fear of not being able to fully enjoy myself or the music, big crowds give me anxiety and I always feel on edge, but I’ve been working hard on breaking down that barrier and letting myself bounce off other people in the crowds to some sort of beat! With that attitude I had so much more fun, and was able to fully let loose and enjoy the acts! We saw Honne (LOVE THEM), Deadmau5 (Meh..), The Weekend (Have you read his lyrics!?) Biffy Clyro (Never been fussed by them), Kasabian (YES but still could have been better), Noel Gallegher (Classic), and a few others as we drifted around from act to act to food van! It was a good time.

Although heading out there for FiB and the partying, it was ideal for me to be able to spend the days in the sea and lounging in the sun. The beaches at Benicassim we (as expected) very busy. Full of activity and fellow hungover ravers. One of the beaches pictured below was a little further down the road, a little quieter and with more pebbles, but it looked like paradise. Clear blue water, white pebble beaches and bright blue skies. The paradise theme continued after four days in Beni’ when we packed up and drove to Calpe, a couple of hours down the coast towards Alicante, for 2 more nights in a hotel before returning to the real world.

Our hotel was rooftop pool and bar, million pound views, the greatest bath and shower, sea food and cocktail goals! I really did not want to leave! We spent almost all of our time on the roof, in pool, or on the loungers by the bar. Only to slip back to our room in the evening and then out for food and more drinks. I felt like I was living my best life.

Sea food to die for, gin better than I could have imagined possible, the hottest sun bearable and good company. When first flew over, I didn’t know everyone that we went with but to get to know peoples real characters and make new friends along the way to, only made our time away that bit better, and I’m looking forward to another crew holiday soon.