A scattering of college A level revision with a cup of tea

Exams and Then Some

Exams are a funny thing. They get you all worked up and smelling like stress, losing hair and sleep to try and get you a grade that will potentially aid you towards a good career and then onto a comfortable life. But is it worth it? There is so much pressure put on to the youth of today to do well in either university or college and it’s coming across as if the grade that comes out with them at the end, is the be all and end all. Dictating the course for the rest of your life. Why does it have to be this way? Who made these the rules? What are we putting into these minds if we continue to confirm that this is all that they have?

In a world where my own hustle is internet based and managed remotely, why are we still determining an old fashioned outcome for those who don’t get the grade that they want or “need”? Clearly, there are other alternatives in life now, that can be huge hitting careers and lifestyles in whatever field you feel passionate about. I didn’t actually take exams, and so A levels and so on aren’t something that I have to offer. But does that hold me back? Uhhh, no.

I decided that I wanted to address this, as I watch the exam effect take over the lives and mental health of my friends and family.
In extreme cases, I have seen the pressure take over and become a case of medicated depression. In other less testing, if you will, examples, the loss of sleep and appetite are over ruled when home life is not a place of rest but a place of all night revision cramming.
I feel that if we are to stress anything, it should be the fact that you are not your end result. The end of your academic career in a place of learning is not that at all. Merely a stepping stone in to a life of learning as we go. Failing the occasional try at something new, but also coming out with those small victories too.  You never stop learning, and cliche as this sounds, life really is the real test!

This said, I’m certainly not writing this and putting a get out of jail free card out there for any slackers. Not by any means! I just want to get across to those taking these all important exams that there is more to life. And that so long as you try your best, that’s all you can do.

My second sister down is taking her 2nd year A levels at the moment. After living with her during the first week of these exams, I have noticed a few things that may have made life easier for her.
Firstly, knowing that sleep counts for everything. You’re testing your brain in all of this, shouldn’t you be resting it too??

Secondly, they say tidy desk, tidy mind, and they say that for a reason. Maybe if you have a clear, fresh, organised place to study, you’ll find yourself being less distracted.

Speaking of less distractions, it really isn’t the end of the world to turn your phone onto “do not disturb” mode. You won’t be missing anything important.

A little food for thought; healthy food, healthy mind. Sure, have a binge fest, but seriously sis, a whole packet of cookies without sharing isn’t fair after you had all the iced buns the past 3 days too…

One thing that helps me massively, is time blocking. I recently started to time block my days after hearing about it on a podcast. Maybe I’ll do a whole piece on that, and the relevance of it, but it’s pretty self explanatory. Set yourself realistic times to conquer a subject and when your time is up, your time is up! NEXT!

Moving on to moving around. When you sit around for long periods of time, staring at words, you will get a little brain dead. And you will more than likely lose the feeling in your bum too. So up you get, shake it off, do something different for 10 minutes and then crack on again.

Trying those things if you don’t already keep them in  mind, should be a little help during your exams. Not actually in the exam, don’t stand up and wander around for 10 minutes in the official test, but you know what I’m getting at.


I am a firm believer in making things work and doing well at things that you commit to. You just have to apply yourself fully.

I hope this is a little push to crack on without the be all and end all worry for you. What is your exam experience?

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