Dear Phoebe

Dear Phoebe,
 As another year closes and more new years posts are written, I find myself in a between place not wanting to write something that everyone else has done before, but not knowing what to write in a time that feels it should be commemorated because, it’s a new year and a new set of blank chances yet to be taken advantage of in the best possible way, with as much gumption as one can manage, agreed?

So, whilst not wanting to rehash the new year new me posts that will litter the blogosphere this month, I thought I may just revisit and update a post that I know you have enjoyed and maybe even revisited a couple of times before, hence, writing this to you and in the process dedicating my first post writings of 2019 to you. My sister, my friend. Someone I need more of in my life even though in distance maybe we’re not as far apart as life can make us feel. Whilst written like my happy life list, and it still is, these are also things that I wish I had laid out for me when I was a little younger, maybe even a little freer.
I think we can agree that taking our own advice is a task that proves harder to complete than we ever initially realise. And to take advise from someone else, when we maybe haven’t asked for it, can sometimes also be a tough time. So I thought that perhaps by writing you a letter, I may let some of these things soak in, and by looking at this as little nudges of encouragement from a hand that has seen you grow up and only has your very richest interests close at heart, I hope this isn’t an overstep on my part, but that you take from it and feel a little calmer gonig forward into the next chapter of our time. 

For you and anyone else that needs, a list of ‘helps’ for the year ahead.

Mind, read more. Body, run and lift. Soul, get in the sea more. Character, invest in yourself. 
Be unapologetic, be genuine. Sing loud, write often, dance freely. Drink more of whatever takes your fancy, but especially water. Say what you feel. Hold nothing back. Advocate kindness. Follow your gut. Save 20% for the taxman starting right now. Keep an emergency £10 hidden away. Expect nothing, be grateful for everything. Worry more about your character than your reputation. Value family. Lost your phone? Enjoy life outside of it. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Let things wash over you. Celebrate every tiny victory no matter who says what. Get in the sun more.SPF every single day. Give your brain a rest, it’s ok to take time off. Spent more than planned? It’ll even out. Adults don’t know yet either. Don’t take offence. Trust. Have faith. Embrace the good, learn to recognise the silver linings.  No matter the immediate consequences do not have anything in your life that hurts or upsets you.  Go for coffees, meet with friends. 
Live in the sunshine, breath in the sea air, get the sand between your toes and the salt water in your hair. Inspire life. Love wildly.

And with that, know I love you.