Seaside waves lapping on the beach at Gwithian in Cornwall at sunset.

Cornwall’s Top Beaches

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.. especially when the seaside as is as beautiful as it is in Cornwall.
As a part time mermaid/beach bum, I have spent a good chunk of time with my toes in the sand and a camera to hand.
If you’re planning a trip to the area this year, these are a few beaches and coves that you have to look forward to!

My personal favourite, Gwithian Beach.
Situated between Hayle and Carbis bay, this stretch of dunes, golden sand and perfect waters really does get the picturesque sunset every evening too.

gwithian ellie tswei

Praa Sands
In the colder months, this is the ideal beach to take a book to and sit down in the Sandbar cafe, with its big glass front over-looking the beach. During the tourist season, everyone heads down and gets kitted out for a surf, as it’s always got a wave for one level surfer or other.
praa sands

Gylly Beach
This is a great family beach, plenty to do, so much space, a lovely cafe/restaurant, an ice cream shop and even a stand up paddleboarding hut, all right there on the beach! Never a dull moment. Also from this coast, there is a walk around giving you a wider view of the area, and a little peace and quiet if the busy beach is a little too much..

Lamorna Cove
For a little afternoon out, a trip to Lamorna is ideal. A quiet cove, with a little cafe, and an adventurous drive to get there, it’s simplicity is idyllic.

Obviously, these are the only ones that I have recent images of, because there are soo many places that are the ideal holiday day out. I could go on all day.. But I hope that if you’re traveling down to Cornwall this summer, that this helps get you excited! What are you most looking forward to this summer?