Busy Babe

A Busy Babes Guide To a Successful Year (Hopefully)

To start the new year off with a classy quote, one of my favourites from one of my favourites, Lauryn Evarts (Or are you Lauryn Bosstick online now!?) anyway, ” Excuses are like assholes, everyone has one.” 

Well, yeah. But we’re being real, and I’ll show you the cute stuff in just a sec. It’s a spot on quote, little as I like to say it out loud. Without even meaning to, we all make excuses. Excuses get us out of the stuff that we don’t think we want to do, but again, we don’t know why we don’t want to do them, it’s just engrained in us to not want to work out, or prepare a great meal, to wash our hair or hoover the floors. Maybe it’s to do with all the time we mentally put aside for these tasks, and clearly, by “we” I mean “me”.

BUT! As the quote my parents used to tell me goes, “The world demands results, not excuses!” and so that’s what we’ll give ’em.

My first step in this little guide is to write or draw your day out. This year I came across the Be You Planner, as it’s so cute and so practical all in one (see, I told you the cute stuff would come along). Not only is this going to make you want to use it just because  it’s so visually pleasing, it’s got it all. From an easy lay out, reminders to drink more water, and even a page for ‘monthly reflection’.

The second step is to write down two lists that you are going to nail in 2017. On one side list the places you are going to go, and on the other list the achievements you are going to gain. When you’re doing this, I recommend that you are reasonable with your goals, if you have something in mind that may be bigger than this year (make £100,000,000 in a month for example) just put that goal on another sheet of paper and in the back of your planner for now. This way you have a better shot of actually crossing things off your list and you will feel so much better when you do!

Thirdly, is to actually stick to the days plan, you may find that the planner becomes your new bible by the way, so get ready for that. Eat the frog as my boyfriend says (I didn’t intend for this to be all quotes…) and get your biggest toughest, meanest, tasks out of the way first thing. Now, bearing in mind we are talking about a  year’s worth of success in this post, get those goals nailed now! Wanting to complete some crazy challenge? Book it and go. Get it done and then revel in the glory of having conquered that afterwards.

FOUR: Keep things spicy this year, mix things up, do something differently and think outside of the box. Even if it’s as simple as giving a presentations and using some MAJOR VISUALS to grab your audience’s attention.

No.5  The Admin. Let’s just start the year without leaving the taxes unsorted until April, ok? Today, get all those crinkled receipts, straighten them and put them into piles by month. That’s a start. Lets do the next little bit of them tomorrow.
The trick with this is that this doesn’t count as procrastination so long as you plan exactly what you are doing and stick to that. This isn’t procrastination because it’s planned to be this way, see?

Sixth on the list is to understand your ethics, your values, and your mental health. Odd bunch, bet you didn’t see that coming!
You see, I am a workaholic when I get into something. I can work stupid hours, all hours and just keep going until usually either a parent or my boyfriend grab me and make me stop. Bless them all! I do this because my work ethic is to be a YES woman and to always get the job done to the best of my abilities. “Make yourself irreplaceable” My values weigh in at my family and showing them that I love and appreciate them, but my mental and physical health always seems to take a back seat. Which aint whatcha want. Learn where your markers are for these things and learn to care for yourself within those markers. Success shouldn’t sound like neglect, and you are a product of your own lifestyle.

7. Nipping back to the Be You Planner, I have already written about time blocking which you can find here, but a feature I adore in this planner is that AM and PM are already laid out for you! How cracking is that? Time blocking the day away is the best way to spend it. It does not mean over load yourself from half hour to half hour, it DOES mean that you can block out chunks off allotted time for tea and naps and taking care of you. Because if you don’t who will? And if you’re feeling shoddy, guess how your work will look? You’ve got it…. shoddy.

I hope these things have helped you out and I reaaaally hope think recommend  strongly advise that you head on over here to get yourself a Be You Planner. Let me know how you plan to be successful this year and what success means to you?

E x