Adventures for every day in Cornwall

I’ve decided to write this piece a little less formally to some of my more recent posts. Taking a moment to re-introduce a little touch of my personality to my blog. I’ve really enjoyed writing pieces with a lot of depth and resource recently, but when I had the opportunity to work with a brand that promotes everyday adventure, I thought it a great chance to let my character come through my writing for a change.

Within this piece, I wear a coat gifted to me by Lighthouse Clothing as does James, who appears in a couple of snaps too. Promoting everyday adventures, living simply, and living happily, I was excited to come across a brand that incorporated my own values into its ethos. And just in time for the Autumn chill to hit the air! These coats kept us cosy and were perfect to throw on for a day out together.

It’s no secret that I enjoy fashion, and whilst I try to be as sustainable as I can, when a brand such as Lighthouse treat me to a lovely, warm, and stylish new coat, of course, I was over the moon!

Creating adventure can be as simple as going for a late-night drive together, watching a horror movie and walking home through quiet streets. It could be camping out in your spare bedroom, or pumpkin picking on a crisp Autumn Sunday. All of which we’ve been known to do, but the last is our day out that we thought you’d enjoy too.

There’s a sense of magic mixed in with the chill that’s now in the air at this time of year. Bringing the excitement of Christmas being around the corner and the festivities beginning with the atmosphere of excitement and anticipation for good things that comes across in others. Or maybe that’s just me, this is my favourite time of year after all.

When it comes to pumpkin picking, an obvious choice here in Cornwall is Trevaskis Farm. A well known, PYO farm with a beautiful shop filled with locally and responsibly sourced produce, and a delicious restaurant too. I’d recommend planning ahead to at least be aware of whether or not you’re going on a half-term weekend (children, everywhere) or not.

Having been going to Trevaskis as a treat since I was a small child, it’s surprising that I’d never been for the pumpkins! Perhaps the deserts in the restaurant just did too good a job of distracting me…

But this year, we wrapped up in our lush new Lighthouse coats and headed down to the farm. A beautiful, sunny Sunday after a lazy morning at home without any rush, plenty of coffee and lounging around.

They say that time goes fast when you’re having fun, and learning to slow down the time is something that we’ve been trying to master recently. By creating lots of memories together, doing different activities and exploring new places, we’ve found this lengthens the days and somehow creates more time to enjoy the ride together. Could this be the secret to slowing time?

lighthouse clothing,

We had the loveliest time roaming the farm, visiting the piggies and dodging excitable kids picking their Halloween pumpkins, taking in the fresh air, and slightly regretting wearing my white trainers. Pick your own, but make it fashion Darling.

Putting on my new coat and reading the ‘Live Simple, Live Happy’ message stitched in, I feel inspired to adventure. We were very lucky with the weather that we had that Sunday, but secretly I can’t wait for the cold blustery winter weather to run around on the beach before coming home and jumping into the bath.
Are you a winter weather explorer or do you prefer the summer?

There are so many options for what to do with the pumpkins when Halloween has been and gone and what blog of mine would it be if I didn’t list a few options for you?

1. Pumpkins are for Autumn, not just October 31st. Hang on to them a little longer, they still look cute in your home!
2. Piggy wigs. Get in touch with local farmers in your area and see if their livestock would like them to munch or peck on! The same goes for wildlife if you only have a couple of small squash take them to the woods or a corner of a field for the local wild animals to have.
3. Toast the seeds like Strawberry Squeeze who recently had an Instagram story up showing you how to make the most of every little bit of your ‘kin with steps as simple as seasoning and baking the seeds!
4. Soups, tarts, roasting, or putting into cakes there are so many recipes out there to optimise the fleshy part of the pumpkin and to leave as little to waste as possible.
5. No matter what you do, just don’t bin them. In my case I donated my two little ones to my Dad’s kitchen and saved the slightly bigger one to get foody with James comes home next – Soup for a week honey!

I’d love to know what you chose to do or if you have any other ideas too.
Happy Autumn!

Coat – Lighthouse, gifted
Rollneck – Newlook, old
Trousers – H&M
Trainers – Adidas, gift
Sunglasses – Quay Australia, gift