Ellie Tswei


Oh Ellie is a place I write freely of my opinions and musings mainly focused towards my life, style and journey into better understanding and applying a sustainable future.

With a recognised responsibility to speak up and do my bit, I aim to better my world and that of the planet around me, little by little.

I originally began posting on old blogs that I’d set up for free and almost instantly forget the passwords for. These were all stages of Oh Ellie as I was growing but before I really understood what they were, blogging wasn’t an established form of documenting anything at the time, online forums were your best option for recommendations or reviews. This was sometime around 2007 (linked above is 2010) – I’d post short captions on photographs I’d been teaching myself to take around my childhood garden and surrounding areas here in Cornwall. Since then, the evolution of blogging as a whole has evolved greatly, and thankfully for any readers here; so has my writing and interests.

Having grown up wild in Cornwall, I longed for structure and style in a city, and moved to London in 2016 on and off for 2 years as I worked in high profile environments. It didn’t take long for my soul to long for the sea and my body to need fresher air, and after commuting on a coach to and from home and London, I finally moved home and set myself up with my first ‘real job’ a 9-5 (08:00-16:30) which pays the bills and widens my professional experiences alongside this catalogue of writings and my life by the coast.

Oh Ellie, Cornish Blogger

All writings are my own, images unless credited are taken by myself, or from royalty free sites.