Ellie Tswei


/əʊ ˈɛli/

A  set of words multiple times throughout the day and can be said in a variety of tones. Often accompanied with a shake of the head and a prolonged “Ellieeeee”. 

Ultimately I just want to create stuff, drink coffee, and cuddle cats. I’m creative, motivated, not into anything that involves spiders. This blog is a free place for me to say what I’ve got to say, be chatty, be free and offer my honest opinion in my own words. I never mean to offend in anything that I write, if you are upset by anything I said I’d like to offer my apology now! Different people have different opinions and ways of saying things and that’s totally fine. No need for anyone’s knickers to get twisted.

Enjoy the blog, and please leave feedback! That said, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. X


*Pictures are either my own or royalty free, and content is all created by myself. *