70 Years of The NHS

This past week England saw their National Health Service celebrate 70 years of the institution that has provided such immense, inexplicable help, care, love and life to unknown millions across the country.

The NHS has touched lives in such a way that people sadly, often miss it, and take their services for granted. But having seen my twitter and Instagram newsfeed overflowing with appreciation this week, it’s a relief to see that their hard work over the years hasn’t gone unnoticed and that the people whose lives it’s helped are coming together for a touch of the best kind of PDA.

For my family and I, we wouldn’t be complete without the NHS. Not to make this a story of us, but 5 years ago, one of my little sisters was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia at the age of 12. She was taken to Bristol Children’s Hospital where angles dressed in nurses uniforms took care of her and made her well and better after a whirlwind 5 months, which I believe is at least 3 months less than the initially expected time frame for the treatments that she received.
There is a lot more written here and here that you may want to read through.
It breaks my heart looking back at how I nearly lost a piece of my heart to an illness so cruel, but with thanks to the wonderful NHS, that is not something I have to worry about anymore.

I find it amazing to look at the political arguments that the NHS and NHS England have found themselves in. England without a service for health that is publically accessible without private fees is something that we shouldn’t even be considering. But hey, I’m not going to open that can of worms!
All’s that I’ll say on the matter, is that when you need it, you’ll be glad you have it and that universal healthcare is a human right, and should never be used as a way to enrich the pockets of the privileged.

I also have to thank NHS England as they have recently provided myself along with 1.2 million other people including my friends and family with employment. If you read my Funemployment post, you’ll know how hard I was finding it, but with NHS England I now have a steady, reliable and very respectful position.

There are forces at work within the NHS that most bodies are unaware of, and are uneducated about.
I listen to the stories that my family who work as nurses in various departments come home with and they could easily be mistaken as horror stories through the ears of a pessimist, however, I hear about these dreadful circumstances and just look at these women with awe. Live saving miracles are being performed daily. Not that you would hear about it as the media are only there and interested when someone with stature is being aided, or when there is a bad light to shine on the work being done in any way possible but with 70 years going strong, I feel we need to step back from our overly eager cynical ways of looking for news in large corporations and give a hand to the many men and women that have kept this country on its feet.

Without the NHS I may not have my sister, my cousin, my best friend, or my auntie.
My Dad may not have received the operations he needed to be able to work, my mum and brother may have been so much worse off in the car crash, and the many times I’ve found myself in A&E I may have had so much more to make a deal of when I’ve been burnt or broken a bone (Cue “oh Ellie” sighs with a despairing shake of the head.)

Something to consider when you dismiss the NHS, even Stephen Hawkin had said that he “wouldn’t have survived so long” without it..

There is so much to say, but I know I won’t do justice to all that is done.
Thank you to all that work tirelessly and with every obstacle that you face within our National Health Services to provide the lives and quality of life that you bring.

Happy 70th Birthday, NHS! May there be many, many more! 

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