2018 Wrapped Up

And here we have it. 
The final month of 2018 has ended, and we’re all sat back in work wondering how the festivities are still taking a toll (too much cheese, bubbles, and cat naps) and reflecting back on the year that was and the fun that was had. 

You may have seen that I wrote a piece around July called The Halfway Review that ran through all the small milestones that I had achieved in the first half of the year. 
Something that I try to make sure happens when possible is to celebrate the small stuff and not overlook or under-appreciated achievements no matter the scale. 
During the first 6 months of 2018, I made big changes and putting them all down in a blog post felt like a wonderful way to remember how far I’d brought myself when looking back on. The second half of the year was still a lot of fun and it brought new things, but this may not read as impressively as I feel that the first half reviewed. It’s hard not to compare the two, isn’t it!? 

As it was halfway through the summer when I left you with my review, it only feels right to pick up from there also. 
The rest of the summer only got better as the sun got hotter and the BBQs were every evening (as they should be). There are no days, in particular, to write about big happenings, as they were all days spent in the sun with loved ones, but here are some of my favourite snapshot moments for you.
Taking time to let the day go as it wants, to not plan, but just rock up and enjoy the sunshine is the simplest pleasure in my opinion. Something I want to do so much more of this coming summer too! 

Poldark Season 5.
Following on from having confirmed my position in my new job, I passed my 6 months probation period and it already feels like I’ve been here for much longer than I know it’s really been! However, the learning curve has been commitment and the inability to come and go as I chose in terms of time off or taking other work.
As a freelancer, I worked as a level 3 security operative, and my favourite recurring job was the freezing cold, blustery, ever exciting BBC One’s Poldark with Mammoth TV.  Last year saw my 3rd and final year on the show. As glamorous as my colleagues think this gets, I can honestly say I loved it for the crew. Saying goodbye when they wrapped on the last day of filming here in Cornwall felt so sad but things change and it’s been my pleasure working alongside all of these incredibly talented people. There is such a lot that I could say about my time on this, all that I learned and how I feel I grew from my first and to last year, but we’d be here for another 3 years if I do that! 

I bought a car! 
Toot toooooo! After years and years of either hoping for lifts, walking until my feet wanted to fall off, and reluctantly paying too much time and money jumping on and off Mega Buses, I finally own my own car. 100% saved for and bought by myself, I’ve never been more proud of myself. I wrote all about my driving struggles in the last post, so I won’t rehash the heart breaks here, but I really am very proud and I know all my driving friends and family are very relieved, too! 
Meet Claudette the Clio Campus!

Ted X Truro 
A big work perk, is that Smile Together as a company are Employee Owned, giving us as it’s employees the opportunity to also become shareholders. Shareholders who are automatically entered into competitions, one of which I won and was given a ticket to attend the TedxTruro day – an event I was already desperate to go to! 
The theme of the day was Wonder, and as well as being a wonderful day, the inspirational speakers really sparked something in me. Fingers are crossed for something big happening here later in the year. I didn’t want to write this post and not include the day, but the speakers are certainly well equipped enough to speak for themselves so click this link here to listen for yourselves!

We’re buying A WHOLE HOUSE!
I couldn’t help myself, I had to add this in here. Can you blame me?? 
In September last year, we agreed a sale on our first house! Yes, September. No, we haven’t moved yet. House buying takes it’s time. But we have had our new dining chairs delivered – they’re soft green velvet and not in a boujee way, more in a ‘this is our house and we’ll do what we want with it, but the velvet keeps us classy’ kind of way.
There’s not much I’m going to divulge about the house but even if just for future me, I want it mentioned in this post to look back on. The year we adulted level 100. 
Here’s a selfie from inside the house…

And that is 2018 all wrapped up. 
Here’s to you 2019, you have some big shoes to fill!