2017 Took Me To….

What a great thing to look back on over the year, our travels! 
On a much bigger scale than Cornwall, London, Norfolk, Liverpool, back to Cornwall, back to London, on to Chester, Swindon,Cornwall repeat again…

We started the year with a surprise trip to Venice for my 21st, a huge surprise after not knowing where we were headed but being told to pack “nice, warm, city clothes, and wellies”.. Wellies?! Incase it flooded apparently. There is a whole post on the trip here, but have a couple of bonus photos too.

After Venice, and then sometime back in London for work, we celebrated the end of our contracts with a trip to Barcelona, this was my first time in Spain, and I fell in love…I’ve tried to restrain myself to 3 pictures per destination as I could just go on forever otherwise!
Following Barcelona, some time spent in Sennen in Cornwall and then at our own home for some down time in Cornwall.
Next came Benicassim and Calpe! The “fun” trip of the lot. Benicassim for FIB festival, and then some much needed R&R in Calpe.
& Calpe
I felt like I was living my absolute best life in Calpe, we’re already looking to book again for next summer. I could go on and on, I just loved it.

When the summer was over, and life was back on the work band bagon, we made a final escape to Budapest, as another surprise destination for James’s birthday. We made it all the way through airport security before he found out where we were going! It was a really beautiful trip, and I’ll have a full post up about it soon, but here are some sneak peek pictures.
Although the lighting was a little more grey in Budapest, we hopped on the eye for a better view, and it was just breathtaking.

I feel so fortunate to be able to go on these adventures with not only my boyfriend but my best friend and being able to document all of the novelty, sights, and experiences for you all to see and share in too.
I know I’ve not gone into half as much detail on this post as I may do normally, but it’s a huge accomplishment for me to be able to line up our travels and see exactly where we’ve been in a year. There have of course been many other places across the UK but these have been the overseas trips that captured my heart and love for adventure.

2018 has so much
in store, it’s only getting more exciting, I can’t wait!
I hope you’ve enjoyed all your travels and wanderings this year as much as we have, may the new year bring so many more for you too! Where has been your favourite place to go so far?