Pretty Little LiArs – End Game

Reviews are not something I commonly do, but as it was the show finale of ABC’s Pretty Little Liars, an exception has been made. 7 years, 7 seasons, 76429573100 emotions.

PLL was a slightly controversial show from the get go, written, ┬áproduced and directed by I. Marlene King the stage is set by the mystery and thrill in the lives of 5 teenage girls. I won’t go to far into it, because if you’re reading this there is a very high chance that you’ve followed the series and are aware about what’s going on.

Whilst yes, the show is about liars who are young and pretty, it is so much more than that and although I can’t think of a better name right now, I feel had it been named differently a wider audience may have watched and I wouldn’t have had to watch some of the sketchier episodes without my boyfriend..

The mystery is carried through every season, unless you have time to read and analyse every theory, you are more than likely to have questions after each episode. The thrill is also constant although initially starting with a disappearance, and intricate lies, this is escalated to kidnap and murder as the girls grow up. With multiple police investigations, plots, theories and emotions, you can’t help yourself but become hooked. At 18 when I first began to watch I was so relivieved to see that I had a couple of seasons ready and waiting for me to catch up on.

As the pilot episode is supposedly set when the girls are 16, it can be veiwed as cringe worthy acting but the story line itself carries you through. The first issue set other than the first disappearance is about bulling in schools and the need to be accepted at such an impressionable age.

Side note: Why in 2017 do we still have people that spend their time pulling others down and making them feel bad about themselves at any age in life. The fact that this was made such a factor throughout the show was important. Young girls are very impressionable and will follow the strongest characters to be accepted even when those characters aren’t a good example to follow. How has this not been resolved yet??

Speaking of strong characters; Spencer Hastings, the brains of the group, played by Troian Bellasario was my favourite character. I almost didn’t write this post so as to dedicate it all to her and her acting. She is just that good. I was in awe of her character development through the seasons as she went from the quiet, nerdy, over achiever to the witty, intellegent leader who’s personality as an actor and her acting as a person was tried and tested over and over. More so than some of the other girls. Troian not only acted in this series but allowed her creativity and ingenuity to grow in such a way that she directed her first episode in season 7B (ep 15, In the Eye Abides the Heart.) a crucial episode for all fans on that crazy clue hunt..

Troian Bellasario

Writing this I can feel myself getting very invested and sounding like a mega fan girl when in reality as much as I have enjoyed watching season after season, I can’t say I sit and write fan theories to the extent of some that I have read. I’m just intrigued to see the continuous development of the characters via their acting, fashion, the way they have learnt to inject their personalities and grow with the show. They may have started this acting as 16 year olds but 4 out of the 5 liars have spent the majority of their 20’s invested in this and as a 21 year old myself, to see the, grow has been interesting. Tackling bullies or being the bully themselves they show ways of dealing with and confronting the issues. Expressing themselves and living lives as full people when undergoing traumatising and scarring experiences. They tackle parents with infidelity, homophobic comments and stereotypes, coming out, rebelling, death and ambitious loss, then later marriage, job trials and tribulations, and stranger complications like having your harvested eggs stolen and then being used to impregnate your best friend. It’s strange, confusing, elaborate, and twisted. Scandalous and treturous would be the most fitting words to sum up a PLL expirience.

There were many, many conspiracy theories out there and if on a Wednesday morning you hadn’t woken up and watched that weeks episode straight away, avoiding Twitter was the safest way to get through the day without spoilers. Whilst I didn’t read many, the final couple that I did flick through this week were spot on the money. A leak perhaps? So many possible A.Ds (the ultimate baddie). So many possibilities for it to be a character you have an affection for after so many years “together”. But I. Marlene King is a clever one and unless you picked up the subtle hints over the past 4/5 episodes you wouldn’t even be aware that this person exists.. SneAky.

Pretty little liars

This morning Twitter has blown up over viewers and their different opinions. Personally I would like to watch it again as much as I enjoyed it, it was slightly underwhelming and I’m hoping I missed something. There is so much to be discussed! People are tweeting gifts in relation to the end, a lot of which depict a disappointmented sigh and eye roll. 7 seasons, 7 years, not quite all of the answers. How did the mums escape the basement? How did Toby not realise Alex wasn’t Spencer!? How on earth did Alex steal Emily’s eggs, get Ali prego with them and the Wren complication too?? Why is Mona in France and dating one of the policemen that arrested Spencer? Mike isn’t at Arias wedding? Addison? Really?? How did Alex, a British barmaid with a terrible accent, fund and devise the whole scheme? If it was all about the Hastings and DiLaurentis’ for Alex, why did she torture everyone? How did they get a second dollhouse under the house that Toby built?? I hope you’ve watched it and not just read all of that first..

I still feel like I want to blog all about Troian and her incredible talents, but let’s not forget Spencer, Aria, Hanna, Emily and Allison quite yet. A little mystery never hurt anyone, but the thrill and horror may be too much for some of you to get through, (I know it’s too much for a sister or two of mine) but if you do enjoy a dark twisted contemporary show, I would highly reccomend. Give season 1 a chance, you’ll need to understand the foundation for the plot, but it gets good from the “Dollhouse”… You’ll see.

To see my slightly more scattered and less elegantly put thoughts head over to my Twitter where I’ve been on that #PLLEndGame bandwagon too.

– E.


All 7 seasons are now available on Netflix, and this is just a post for my need to discuss End Game, not an ad.

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