Oh Ellfie! My Plans for December and Christmas

I can hardly believe that we’re already here in December! And here I am, sat at a desk back in London in exactly the same position I was in last year, and still unsure about how this sits with me. It’s good, it’s bad, it’s not the worst, and I’m grateful for the position. But for me, Christmas is in the run up to the 25th, rather than the day itself. It’s the little things. The festive name changes, secret santa and office parties. The festive atmosphere, the dark evenings sipping mulled wine with my friends. Vlogmas. The giving to others to show how much you love them. The mince pies and brandy butter (YUM). The sparkling window displays. The snuggling up inside when it cold nips weather outside. Everything. 

However, this December as I’m not on Christmas break until the 20th, I’m Christmas shopping online and living vicariously through Instagram and Pinterest visual ideals.

That’s not to say I will be missing out on all the fun and games as next week I’m taking my wonderful boyfriend on a surprise birthday weekend away to somewhere that will be pretty wintery and magical at this time of year.. I can’t say where yet, because he doesn’t know, but the posts will be up soon.  

Things I will be doing this December for the 5 days I have before Christmas Day will most certainly include:

  • Drinking mulled wine with my girl friends
  • James’s Birthday Mini Break
  • A wintery, blustery walk along the coast with my Mum and sisters
  • Flying away to see how other countries do Christmas
  • Gingerbread, Mince Pies and Brandy Butter, maybe all together, maybe not.. 
  • Wandering through decorated streets in the evening and window shopping the displays.
  • Present wrapping in the evening with a Christmas film on
  • The Last Jedi
  • Cosy evenings on the sofa with James when the weather outside is frightful.
  • Find a Christmas market and shop small for the special gifts and finishing touches.

There are of course, SO many more things to look forward to and that I would love to get involved in, but this year I just won’t have the time. 
If last year was anything to go by the 25th and the time surrounding it will be magical. We’re spending our Christmas in Norfolk together with James’s family which is a family that have welcomed me right into their homes, and made me feel so comfortable there. To give the scene some ambiance, think of it in a warm light with golden glow, the fire on, and everyone together with a glass of bubbly. Being there last year felt like a picturesque Christmas, and it was one of the first that I fully enjoyed. Very special, and I’m very lucky.

December sparks something young and excitable in me. It brings such a sense of inspiration, hope, and a fearlessness. Having been born in the winter, I love being able to layer up and really embrace the fashion and style that comes with the drop in temperature. There will most certainly be more posts on “Reviving the Reliable” coming this month and over the course of the Winter and I’m very excited about that! 

What are you doing this December and what else can I cram in to my 5 days before Christmas?

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