Bank Holiday in Cornwall

It’s been a winning weekend here in Cornwall. This is going to be more of a diary entry with lots of pictures for your enjoyment and viewing rather than in the style of my other travel pieces. I hope you enjoy coming along and reminiscing these past couple of days with me!

Driving back from a week in Cheshire on Friday night we decided to head home rather than go across to Wales and climb Snowdon or a couple of other peaks. Something I’m very interested in doing, but also there is not much that I love more than my weekends at home with James. So, after a long ass drive through some very pretty and scenic villages (loving these detours recently SatNav!) and a couple of the world’s flakiest and tastiest sausage rolls (thank you very much Gloucester Services, but your food is not road trip appropriate!) we made it home, had a glass of wine and went to bed.


Up and into Truro town for pancake brunch at Emily’s which was exactly perfect and eaten much too eagerly to take pictures of. Maybe next time..Or maybe blog post for their pancakes and flat whites alone??

After brunch we started planning lunch, which we took to our friends in Par. The four of us sat in their new garden in the sun, munching on good food and setting the world to rights. We spent the afternoon on a drive around various high points that we could stop at and go for a climb/watch the boys climb. Roche Rock was a favorite, also Pride Rock with a view towards Charlestown, and also Cornish Everest aka St Austell Sky Tip which, as I have no proof of, we may or may not have climbed. 

My legs! A bruise, a cut, a graze and lots of ache, at least we had a little adventure.
That evening we drove into Fowey for a meal in The Lugger. Don’t let the pub front deceive you, this was some seriously good pub grub! Scallops cooked beautifully for the starter, and the steak was perfection on a plate. A bottle of red underway and we were some happy peoples. All ready for an early night before the McGregor v Mayweather fight in the morning…


The best kind of party is a backwards party! up at 3:45am, greeted by cups of tea and sausage sarnies downstairs and all the chairs and sofas in the house lined up for everyone to get comfy before the fight…. If you’re not into boxing or MMA, or maybe I’m about to lose you altogether here, I’ll keep this short.Conor McGregor is a champ no matter what. To go 9 full rounds in a sport that limits the majority of his abilities and skill was fascinating to watch. Mayweather, whilst he wouldn’t last 1 round in the octagon was obviously in his element and gracious in his victory speech, something I didn’t expect, but enjoyed hearing.
The fight was over by 6am and as we were up already, made the decision to take another walk up to the summit of Cornwall, Brown Willy. Please specify “Cornwall” if anyone is going to give this a google..
Yes, it’s only a hill, but we were on our way up there before 7am on a Sunday and that felt good. As it happened, we reached the top of Rough Tor, the peak next to Brown Willy and decided that we had come far enough that morning to justify McDonald’s breakfast, so we ran back down and headed for food.

The rest of sunday was lots easier. James wanted to watch the Grand Prix, so we had lunch watching that before a quick siesta for me and then an evening drive to Falmouth where the sun was going down in calm blue and pink tones as we sat on the beach and ate sausage and chips (a meal much too passed over by fish, and so very under rated. We’re still cool, right?) .


Having that extra day of weekend makes all the difference. A day to actually feel rested and not work that rest straight off. A day to actually get your life in order if needed and procrastinated over Saturday and Sunday. A day to spend enjoying the little things.
It’s today as I’m writing this, and we haven’t done a whole lot, which is as it should be. Some light home workouts this morning followed by lunch picnic on Castle Beach in Falmouth for a couple of hours in the blazing sun before J headed back to work this afternoon. I’ve then spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden, facetiming my sister and answering a couple of emails left aside over the weekend.

Onwards with the week ahead. I hope you’ve all had the Bank Holiday you needed and wanted and that you tackle the week ahead like true hustlers. It won’t be hard, you dont even have to deal with Monday this week..

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