A Year of Oh Ellie

A year ago, Oh Ellie was publically released and welcomed with the warmest reception and feedback- thank you all! Where has the time gone?

There is no denying that regular, successful, “on it” bloggers, have their work cut out! Between the planning, writing, photography, editing, layouts, and updates, how they have time for anything else, I don’t know!

A whole year of Oh Ellie, blogging and pursuing something that gives me a feeling of excitement mixed with nerves, mixed with hope. Writing with a belief behind the words, a quality of interest and knowledge is no easy feat. But through various opportunities, challenges and adventures this past year, I’ve been able to fully enjoy writing the pieces I’ve written and published for you. Yes, some weeks have been empty, and I’ve missed a landmark post here and there, but writing a lifestyle blog as an introvert with a private life has it’s difficulties!

This past year, running this blog has taught me that planning is essential, that to create a stable blog that doesnt give you a headache to read, continuity is key, and your aesthetic is your branding; not something to take lightly. For anyone that has ever considered writing a blog, I highly advise that you JUST DO IT. Just set it up and go. No one will make you publish to the world something that you aren’t ready to post (I have a lot of drafts that will never see the light of day) it’s just important to get those creative juices flowing.

Some blogs fly within their first year, and that’s down to a whole lot of dedication, undivided attention and focus to the project, which sadly I haven’t been able to put into mine as much as I would have liked to, but I have completely enjoyed writing everything that I’ve posted in this past year and hope that you guys, you fantastic bunch, have liked it so far too.

Of all the landmark days that I haven’t written about, 1 year of this blog is one that couldn’t be missed.
Thank you to all that have supported this so far, suggestions made, links shared, and love given, I am a very grateful and lucky lady to have you with me on this.

What’s next, let’s see..


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