7 Tips to Spring Clean Your Life

Who’d have thought it? Ellie has picked up, packed up and changed things up… again. This is something I have become very good at doing over time. When I don’t feel settled or challenged enough with one thing, everything has to change! And what more of a satisfying time of year to change things than Spring? Which has finally, finally, sprung. I have compiled a list of things I think it is healthy and helpful to change from time to time. Some of these are just the extremes that I happen to be changing, some are things that maybe it you are feeling unsettled will be the simple pleasures to bring you back to you. There are also a few cliches in this list which isn’t a favourite thing of mine, but they do ring true, so take a sip of coffee and think them through before you get to dismissing

1. Location
Obviously, I don’t expect everyone to just change where you currently live if you’re not happy there, but it happens to be something that I am in a position to change right now- so I am! For the past 8 months, I have lived in London. It was great to start with, all new and exciting, but who was I kidding? I am just not a city girl. Maybe I used to be, and thought I would be when I grew up, but I just need the sea air in my life. Time to call it a day and get this bumpkin back to the country. Honeeeey, I’m home!

2. Vocation
Work is work and unless you’re a lucky one, its rare that you’re in a job that doesn’t feel like work, something that you wouldn’t dream of changing. But for the rest of us that get itchy feet after a while of the same job, or maybe like me, you just don’t feel challenged enough in your current occupation it’s time to switch it up again.
Take it from a girl that lives in one of the most touristy areas of the country, silly season is almost upon us and there will be a whole lotta work in cafes, bars, and other hosptiality based businesses that you can get in on to pass the time whilst you find something you love to do.
I’ve done all sorts of easy 9-5s in the past to get me by, and for a while it’s alright so long as you don’t lose sight of where you want to end up, and settle in the routine of easy money.

3. Tech Head
We are all guilty of spending too long on our various devices. I hold my hands up and admit that currently my handbag contains my phone, my work phone, my laptop and an iPad. Holy moly, that’s just too much Els!
I love the internet, I’ve had people comment on my lack of Instagram story if I go more than a day without using it. Twitter, Facebook, all the emails, and everything else we spend so much of our day scrolling through, it’s not a healthy habit, and one that I am actively trying to break. For example, I’ve decided that there is no more netflix in bed, so now we might actually get through the books we’ve had one the side table all these months! Assess your tech intake, and see what you can remove from the routine. Maybe even buy a little analog alarm clock so that you don’t have the excuse of keeping your phone in the bedroom to wake you up.. Just a thought.

4. Feng Shei
Told you to expect a cliche or two, didn’t I? Think about it though; people say it all the time “tidy desk, tide mind” ect. It’s not about stripping everything away so that your home is so minimal it’s mistaken for a phyciatric ward, just do the small things. Keep fresh flowers, a plant or two, open all the windows and get some clean air in, treat yourself to fresh new bedding, throw the hoover around more often, and don’t let plates stack up in the sink. A big difference is to keep your hallway clear, tidy, and clean, stepping into your space when it’s cluttered just isn’t a nice start. Having said about not chucking everything out, if you are moving house, it’s a great time to sort through and cut away the unesecary crap that you have somehow accumulated over time.

5. Wardrobe
That’s it! I’m calling it! I’ve seen more than 2 dry day this week, and as a beach bum at heart, I’ve dug out my flip flops. Jumper by jumper the woolys they are being put away for Autumn. Premature you say? It’s optimism if you ask me! Those sassy all black outfits are being saved for evenings, and out come skirts and sunglasses.
I think dressing a certain way only optimises any underlying feeling you may have that day. Dress well, feel good, encourage the sun and get those legs out, honey! Not feeling anything that you currently have in the wardrobe? Get yourself over to pinterest and have a browse for some inspiration.

6. Friends
Now and then, we face the sad truth of growing out of people, be it a mutual seperation over time, or maybe it’s just time to cut out the toxic, the unhelpful, the ungrateful, the never happies from your life. All’s it takes for most of them is a few unfriend clicks on Facebook, or, if it’s a  particularly nasty situation a chat. It’s a classic, ” I need to focus on me and spend more time by myself for a while” chat. I’m using this topic as a general friends/acquaintances so if for some sad reason you’re reading this and planning in using that line to break up with someone a little closer to you, please don’t, spend some more time on that one and don’t be such a bitch to use such a generic and casual line!

7. Diet
Spring cleaning is a need for your fridge too. I know it may seem an obvious piece to add to the list, but when you keep on top of your fridge, let’s just admit that sometimes we forget to actually clean it too. So it’s time to fix that, and restock with all the goodness that you hate those instagram goddesses for going on about. Always keep dark green veggies, lemons, sweet spuds, cherry toms, eggs, ginger. Just as a base. Use them before they have a chance to even think about going off, and before you know it you’ll have added nutrition into your diet in the easiest way ever. Would anyone be interested in a basics to have and know about post? Hmmm, let me know.
Also keeping a water filter jug has encouraged me to drink so much more water and my skin is thanking me. *insert glowy skin emoji if there is one*.

I feel like perhaps this took a little turn towards agony aunt, and that wasn’t the plan, but hey ho it’s just that time of year to wake up and smell the coffee! Speaking of, mine if getting cold so I will be leaving you here to mull over these tips. I hope you find them interesting and really, If I were you and wasn’t doing something as big as moving house and career, I would start with baby steps and find yourself some new bedding. What better way to start the day than to wake up in happy, fresh, clean-slate-style sheets?

E x

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